school quilling kit

Getting back to school is usually associated with aversion among children even though they look forward to the 'new' factor in it in all aspects. Now why not boost up the positive flow of heading to school with the much loved hobby craft of Paper Quilling! Here are some fun projects that will encourage your child to get back to school and also make study time exciting & absorbing.

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earth day craft projects

Devote your summer vacation time and heighten the spirit of Environment Day celebrations with these fantastic paper quilling projects. What makes these quilling projects different is that they are made with material which is normally considered waste. Besides the resourceful and creative aspect, these projects will give you immense satisfaction of having made the best use of waste matter and be one among many proud earthlings. So get going and put your art & craft sense combined with environment consciousness to use!

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quilling in summer
Summer time is vacation time for children! Children are excited to try new things and often run up to parents saying "What can I do next?". Well, worry not, we at Quill On have identified just the perfect hobby for your child this summer. It is not only super fun but also gives your child the chance to showcase his/her creativity. It is - the fascinating world of Paper Quilling! Encourage your children explore their latent talent and widen their imaginative horizons by as they make wonderful creations through paper quilling. Read More

Quilling Records

Who knew that the World of Paper Quilling was no stranger to the World Records. We were surely amazed to come upon the plethora of accolades that crown those who choose to make a mark in this fascinating creative space. From Guinness Book to Limca Book, from adults to teenagers - this collection of awards and individuals are making Quilling a more and more sought after skill! Join us as we honour these acheivements...

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3D quilling is an exceptionally fascinating art form that opens up a whole new world of creative play. In this blog we showcase a few unique types of 3D quilling and their mesmerizing facets. One can achieve amazing diversity in 3D quilling just by varying the technique. What may seem complex at the onset can actually be transformed into a easy and joyful experience with the right tools and proper technique.
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Quilling Artists

Quilling is often known more as a child's play or a grandma's pastime. But did you know that the world of quilling has not one, but several acclaimed artists who have made their mark in the global creative landscape with their fantastic quilling creations? From custom pieces that have been the hallmark of the most prestigious art exhibitions to commercial ads for the likes of Nestle and Unilever these artists have been there and done that! Here we give you a tiny glimpse into seven of these fascinating quilling artists: Yulia Brodskaya, Ashley Chiang, Sena Runa, Jitesh Patel, Bavani Ratnam, Stallman & Dr. Jiji.

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Quilling Artist


Dr. Jiji is a dentist by profession and is also a quilling expert. Her work has led her to a place in the Universal Records Forum. She also won the Indian Book of records for the same achievement of largest number of paintings in an exhibition. She now intends to make her mark in the Limca book of World Records.

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Wondering what to make your child Quill ? Well, you need to look no further. Here, we bring you with 10 Easy and Fun Quilling Ideas that can help your child to get started and grow her interest for Quilling. The theme of each project has been conceptualized to make the experience exciting and at the same time, help the children improve their skills.


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Paper Quilling Flowers

Paper quilling flowers and butterflies are a favourite among most craft enthusiasts. Combine that with popular punch craft designs and you will find some truly splendid designs. We have curated for you, punch designs that are specially handpicked to go beautifully well with your paper quilling ideas. Read on to know more about these different types of punches, 5 super fun techniques in which you can use them and 3 awesome project ideas! 

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Rakhi Making

Rakhi making is so much fun whether it is for a rakhi making competition in school or you are making special rakhies for your special bhaiya and bhabhi. We explored a bunch of rakhi designs and chose to use some special quilling strips - the edge strips and glow in the dark quilling paper to make our designs stand out. Read on to see more on these and to find the full instructions and free templates!

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