10 Quilling Craft Ideas for Kids

In our previous blog, Quilling – A perfect craft for kids, we looked at what makes Quilling a relevant and fun technique for your children to learn and explore. Apart from creative development, improving motor skills and concentration, it is one of the most versatile and exciting ways of expressing your ideas.  We also looked at importance of choosing the right set of tools, strips and projects in making the process of learning Quilling a lot more fun and easy for children.


What sets Quilling apart from other Art and Hobby techniques, is the relative ease with which it can be learnt. Kids can start making their very own simple projects within the very first hour of Quilling. Another advantage of quilling over other techniques is in its much wider range of applications. From unlimited designs of flowers, to a photo frame combined with punch craft, to a 3D pen stand, the possibilities are endless. And the ease of graduating from simple projects to more advanced ones  keeps  the children motivated to learn more and more (or to sustain their interest) in this craft form and also get a wonderful sense of achievement and self-satisfaction. So if you have already started your child on a creative journey of lifetime, here are some cool and easy Quilling projects to help them hone their skills.

We have created these projects with increasing level of difficulty and time –starting with the easiest project. You can visit the individual project page to download templates and pictorial instruction. You can look for other exciting ideas in the Projects section of our website. Depending upon the interest level of your child you can choose to do 1-2 projects per week. By the end of 10th project your child would surely have gotten a good hold of the quilling technique.

  1. Floral Photo Frame - One of the first things that you would like to teach your kids is to make a coil. This project just requires a little over 20 coils and is a perfect project to get started. The kids can get comfortable using the slotted tool and quilling strips and how to make tight and loose coils using the same. They also learn to make 3 very basic but commonly used shape – Drop, Arrow and Eye. The attractive background template makes it more exciting for the kids. Use of motorized tools like Super Quiller helps making the process of coiling a lot more fun. Sticky back Quilling Strips also help your child get rid of messy gluing.

 quilling frames

  1. Beach Card – similar to the previous project, this is also based on a pre designed template to give it an attractive look, by just using few coils. In this project, your children can learn to make basic geometric shapes from loose coils such as Triangle and Square. These easy to do projects also help kids in having the gratification of completing a project on their own.

 Beach theme Quilling Cards

  1. Elegant Quilling Card – This is where the magic begins. While the previous two projects, help your child to familiarize the basics of coiling and shaping, this project helps them to create a Quilling card with an attractive constellation, using just 2 shapes. The project requires close to 100 coils. Motorized tools like the Super Quiller come in extremely handy for such projects, so that kids can focus more on the creative aspect of creating designs and shapes and less on the mundane aspects like coiling.

 Quilling Card

  1. Easy Quilling Flowers – One of the most widely used applications of Quilling is in making different type of Quilling Flowers. What makes it special is the variety of flowers you can create using Quilling. Depending upon your proficiency level, you can make more intricate designs of flowers, leaves and petals.  In this project, we help beginners make 10 different flowers by using just the basic shapes. Once you are comfortable making these flowers, you can use them in different arrangements and configurations in your projects.  The ideas shown in this project are just some very basic flower designs to get your child started and act as a platform to be creative and explore the endless possibilities of paper quilling flowers.

Quilling Flowers

  1. Goodies for Friends - Nothing gives more joy to kids, than sharing their own creations with family and friends. From birthdays to friendship day, your kids can explore fun and trendy project ideas such as wristbands, BFF keychains and magnetic photo frames. Kids can also select from selection of specialty quilling strips such as edge strips, Glow in Dark, Crinkle and so on to make their ‘goodies’ more interesting

 Quilling Gifts

  1. Paper Quilling Alphabets – Learning to quill alphabets is an extremely useful technique in Quilling. It can help you to name and personalize your Name plates, Photo frames, Greeting Cards, School or Scrapbook projects. There are multiple ways of creating Quilling Alphabets. This project makes the task of creating any alphabet a lot simpler. All the alphabets can be created by combining shapes like the Drop, Mango or other easy to make shapes.  Template provided with the project can help kids make all alphabets from A to Z.

 Quilling Letters

  1. Peeping Animal Bookmarks – Animals are the most popular craft projects among kids. This project helps you make 10 different animals by using basic quilling technique. Owl, Tortoise, Fish, Penguin - these animal book marks are easy to make and a lot of fun to carry around. You can easily convert them into a bookmark by sticking your creations using white glue on an ice-cream stick.

 Quilled Animals

  1. Paper Quilling Calendar - Another cool project is to make a Quilled Animal themed calendar. The project covers techniques to make birds, rabbit, monkey and elephant by using just 5-10 coils for each. Instructions and templates to create these animals make the project simpler for kids.

 Quilling Animals

  1. Don’t Bug me Door Hanger – A fun and Quirky project to create a “Don’t Bug Me” themed door hanger. In this project, the kids can deck up the wooden door hanger, with different bugs made by using the Quilling technique. To give a distinct look to your bug creations, you can also use the crimping technique in this door hanger. Crimping Buddy is an attachment of the Super Quiller. Using an automated tool to create the crimped effect is a lot of fun for kids and also helps breaking the monotony of coiling.

 Quilling Door Hanger

  1. Flying Flight – Using Crinkle Strips and just rolling them with your free hands, you can create these fabulous 3D models of Planes, Helicopters and Rockets. The Crinkle strips are made of thicker paper with curls, so that it is easy for kids to roll and expand. They are also bigger in size and unlike regular Quilling paper; you can create bigger and sturdier objects with ease using these Crinkle Strips. Children will have lot of fun making and playing with the four 3-D objects that you make from this project- Quilling Airplane, Rocket, Spaceship and Helicopter.


3D Airoplane


Quilling is a technique of unending possibility and complexity. The above projects have been selected assuming that your child is a beginner to this craft form. As they progress, you can help them learn myriad ways of Quilling and creating intricate shapes and patterns. You can also visit the Projects section of our website for Ideas and inspiration time and again as we keep adding more and more to it. We would love to have your feedback on your experience of helping your child learn Quilling.  Write to us at possibilities@imagimake.com or on our facebook page: Imagimake.

Wish you and your child have a great time Quilling, Creating and Exploring!

Quill On Team
Quill On Team


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Mary Wolfe
Mary Wolfe

January 14, 2019

Thank you for the project ideas. I’m creating a curriculum and will have a supply order soon.

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