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Quilling Jewellery

Quilling jewellery has recently gained lot of popularity, with earrings, Jhumkas and other accessories now being created, worn and sold widely in the market. You can see thousands of designs of different quilling accessories being sold on various websites such as flipkart, craftsvilla and also in various exhibitions. These quilling accessories are not only attractive, but also quite easy to make. 

These designs have been created keeping mind the skill level of a beginner Quiller. Once you get a hang of the tools and techniques required to make these quilling accessories, you can experiment with your own designs, shapes and colours to create a unique look. What makes quilling jewellery more exciting is that it is easy and inexpensive to make, so you can have a wide and exclusive collection.

Apart from Super Quiller, you will also need other quilling tools like Quilling Board, Tweezer, Quilling Mould and Ultimate Border Buddy, to create these designs. You can choose the colours of quilling paper that most suits your colour palate. Apart from the tools and strips, you will also need access to jewellery making supplies for different designs.



Below are some of the ideas to inspire your imagination. Each of the projects also has a design template to help you get an idea of what size of coil to create by using which tool.

Quilling Earring


These earring designs are created with the Border Buddy tool to get the loop effect, using 5 mm quilling strips. Border Buddy can help you create loops in different shape and size and the template provided with the project will guide you to choose the right attachment to get the desired shape.  The tight coils in the designs are made using the Super Quiller.

Quilling Hairband

These trendy quilling hairband designs have been created by using only the basic quilling shapes. While one of the designs use just the tight coils, other designs can be created by making loose coils and giving them either a drop or an eye shape. To get uniform size of loose coils, we recommend to use the quilling board as illustrated in the project template. Super Quiller is extremely handy in creating tight coils of multiple strips. The design shown in this project uses coils of 6 strips- which can be made in a jiffy, with the automated quilling tool.

Quilling Hair Clips with Floral Designs


You wouldn’t have seen hair clips prettier than this! All the designs shown are created just by making coils and giving them basic shapes. Quilling flowers and butterflies are gorgeous designs that match well with a whole lot of outfits and are an instant hit with the little girls. You can create the desired look by using the strip colours of your choice to create a new look everyday!

Quilling Jhumkas

A perfect accessory when you are working on an ethnic look. These Jhumkas require Super Quiller and the Quilling Mould.  Using the Super Quiller you can easily make coils of up to 10 strips of 5 mm even with moderately thick quilling paper.  The designs shown below are made using 3-7 strip coils. Using the Quilling Mould, you can create domes of different shape and size , depending upon the look you want. You can further decorate them using sparkling stones and pearls. Use of metallic strips can also help in creating a very attractive look.

The popularity of quilling jewellery prompted several quillers to take it up as a full time profession. It is also an interesting and unique gifting idea. These projects have been designed, keeping in mind the skill level of a beginner quiller. You can experiment with different shapes and designs as you move along. Having access to right set of tools and strips can help you enhance your creativity and imagination. Grab your Super Quiller and start giving shape to your ideas!

Quill On Team
Quill On Team


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