5 Ways to Celebrate Environment with Paper Quilling

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Its summer time - a time when so many of us are on vacations and like to spend more time with nature and devote ourselves for cultivating more green. Vacation time also means more free time on our hands, so why not spend some of that free time in creating some meaningful and fun - environment friendly quilling projects. We at Quill On have a range of ideas from which you can make various projects using material which is easily available and under normal circumstances would be discarded or thrown away.

Take those old water bottles, chocolate wrappers, old newspapers, any waste paper, and turn them into something beautiful or useful, or both! Recycle and reuse are the mantra here. Re-kindle your environmental consciousness and get creative! You need not do something very complicated, just collect any reusable resources available, put on your creative cap and get started! Your affinity towards ecosystem shall give you the natural drive.

So here is the list of the ‘Best out of Waste Paper Crafts’ for your child to get rolling:

Alien Pen Stand

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Now here is a pen stand that really stands out from the rest. It is actually shaped as an alien’s head! It uses the Paper Mache technique on a balloon which forms the base of your pen stand and adds the ‘artsy-earthy’ flavour to your project. This mega quilling project requires you to make a massive alien head which needs numerous tight coils. This is where the Super Quiller comes to the rescue. You can get more creative and adventurous and make pencil toppers that get attached to your pencils using pipe cleaners and decorate them crazy with a bunch of googly eyes. The simple quilling tutorial will guide you through the making process and make this pen stand an added attraction to your desk!

Dazzling Vase Sleeve

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Get eco-friendly and treasure nature in your home by keeping fresh flowers in a Paper Quilling flower vase. Make a vase sleeve that you can cover onto a used plastic bottle and then easily pour water in the bottle to keep the flowers fresh. The vase sleeve is so designed that makes it convenient to remove this cover and put fresh flowers and water in it easily every day. The sleeve itself is made of simple quilling coils which are arranged creatively to form a pattern and then joined to make this attractive quilling flower vase.

Rainbow Voyager


Add sizzle to to your environment friendliness and make a super fun quilling boat! This is a fascinating 'best out of waste' craft idea that uses paper quilling. All you need for this quilling project are some simple quilling shapes, the packaging of your favourite chocolate and some paint. You can add more excitement to this paper quilling 3D boat and make a secret cockpit to hold a small note or even a piece of candy. What’s more, it can actually float on water! Just follow the simple quilling tutorial and amaze your friends with this fantastic quilling creation, the 'Rainbow Voyager'!

Mobile Charger Holder


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Get trendy and flash your mobile in a colorful mobile holder which is made of recycled material. This material can be easily found from your own house. Add the glamour quotient by decorating it with basic quilling shapes. Any person new to paper quilling can easily follow the template and use basic quilling designs like tight coils and drop shape to complete the look of the mobile charger holder. You can encourage your child to get creative this summer as this is a great recycled paper craft for a ‘best out of waste’ project which has utility value and can be used as a school project too! Now you don’t have to worry about pulling a table closer to the pulg point to charge your mobile phone - use this recycle paper craft and keep it wonderfully covered as it is getting charged.

Ice Cream Box

Earth Day Crafts for Kids

This is just the right project to make for any season as ice-cream is a favourite for every one! This is a fun 'Best out of Waste' project that uses materials like newspaper, a disposable cup and tissue paper. The end creation not only looks delicious but can also be used as a cool storage box. You can make this ice cream box super-duper yummy and appealing by using some colourful paints and foam. Add sparkle to this recycle craft and dive into this soothing project by simply following the quilling instructions provided. This project is apt for beginners as well.

Now that you have learnt about these environment friendly quilling projects, aren’t you excited to get creative and get started? As these projects have their roots earthed in nature, it will give you the added satisfaction of making a robust creation that is eco-sensitive.  To browse through our wide array of different paper quilling projects visit our quilling ideas section.

Let each one of us take the pledge to be more sustainable & responsible as we drive our grey cells towards creativity. Small acts of environment generosity can make a huge difference. Art & craft is the apt avenue to blend in the finite natural resources with a touch of creativity. These paper quilling projects shall definitely take eco-friendly celebrations to the next level. If you have any further ideas on environment friendly quilling projects, do share them with us as #Lookwhatimade on our Facebook page. Happy Environment Friendly Quilling!


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