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The technique of paper quilling was widely popular during the 18th century, but it is becoming popular again in today’s world. The craft technique has been adopted by people of diverse creative backgrounds – from custom gift makers to jewellery designers to advertisers and fabricators – in fact, lot of people are now doing businesses which revolve around quilling technique. More than 2000 items such as quilling frames, cards, earrings are sold on leading sites such as:

The fact that you can make any design or pattern using quilling, makes it a versatile technique. It starts with learning basic coiling techniques and once you get a hang of it – only imagination is the limit. Following are some of the creative professional fields which have been inspired by quilling:

  • Quilling Cards and Gifts: Quilling has emerged as a very popular technique among custom gift designers. Be it quilling photo frames, name plates or invitation- Paper quilled designs helped these designers to create a new range of customizable gift options. Some of the popular card makers such as Cape House also use the paper quilling technique in cards on a regular basis. Check out for some interesting yet simple card designs on our website as well, with detailed instruction and templates


Quilling Cards

  • Jewellery: Quilling earrings and jhumkas have gained a lot of popularity in recent times as inexpensive yet fashionable options. Other items such as necklaces are also coming in use. The beauty of it all this is that the pieces can be joined creatively to form even more exquisite designs. The quills can be designed to fit any occasion or mood.


  • Advertisements: What catches your eyes the best, if not a perfect mixture of art holding diverse perspectives? The products, businesses and blog posts utilizing paper quilling for advertisements stands out in today’s digitized market. 3D paper quilling is also used in making display installation by some of the brands. Leading brands such as Nestle and Cadbury's have also used this art in their adverts.

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  • Artists: Some artists, especially in India and Europe have adopted quilling as an art form and have added lot of new ideas and dimensions to the this old technique. In various art galleries, pieces made from paper quills are among the ones that get sold quickly and at good prices. This craft is quickly spreading as more and more people embrace this creative tool. Yulia Brodskaya, Lisa Nilsson,Veta Sherman, Shashank Nimkar (Check out some of his quilling in our Projects section) are some of the artists in India and  globally, who have mastered this art and made a name for themselves in the rapidly expanding world of paper quilling.
  • Teachers: Quilling has also gained lot of popularity among kids and has emerged as the most popular field in the area of art and crafts. Lot of teachers across India are using it as a tool to assist the kids in school projects. Interest and excitement associated with quilling has made it a popular teaching aid. There are more than 10,000+ hobby teachers across India who guide kids with new and exciting quilling designs and ideas. Quilling Kits have also gained a lot of popularity among kids as a creative play option. Here is a link to one such idea wherein you can make a cool Windmill Book Cover

School Project- Book Cover 



With the paper quilling quickly gaining popularity worldwide, you should go and get yourself a few lessons from the Internet on how to do paper quilling.

It is extremely important to use the right set of tools. Quill On is an effort to make quilling a lot more fun and easy – something that can be enjoyed by a child as a toy and at the same time help them bring their imagination to life. Our innovative and patented automated quilling tool has made making the coils a lot easier, so that you can focus more on ideas and designs. We also offer one of the widest range of quilling paper on earth and the range keeps getting updated with new styles, colours and designs of paper. We also have an ever expanding projects section with free instructions and templates for a variety of quilling projects. So dive in and create and experience the joy of saying: “Look, What I made!”

Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar


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November 29, 2015

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You can checkout this video for a complete user guide on how to use this automated quilling tool Also feel free to write to us at if you have any further queries.


November 29, 2015

I want to see a demo of how this gadget works. Is it possible?

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