Quill On- A unique quilling system designed for ‘YOU’

At Quill On, we have spent more than a year working with hundreds of kids and discussing the current form of quilling with various avid quillers. This has helped us shape our unique, exciting and innovative offering

Paper Quilling keeps fascinating people from all walks of life. In our previous blog Paper Quilling - An awesome skill for creative professionals we explored how this art has impacted and inspired professionals from different creative field.

Our team has a combined experience of 20+ years in quilling and comprises of Educators, Artists, Designers and Marketers. As a team we have always felt that Paper Quilling is not just about making flowers and butterflies or cards and earrings. The technique has a potential to become one of the most versatile, engaging and fu Creative Development tool for kids, and a skill which can help give shape to their imagination.



Quill On is truly a system designed by the quillers, for the existing and aspiring quillers. Our objective is to create the right set of tools , make them accessible to you and keep inspiring your creativity through some cool , fun and wacky ideas!

Each aspect  of the quilling system has been carefully thought through to achieve this goal and address the following needs:

  1. Spend more time on creating and conceptualizing designs: Typically a quilling project would involve making anywhere between 50-100 coils and quillers would spend a lot of time in making coils or applying glue to make coils. New quillers sometimes end up losing interest in the process.
The Quill On edge:
Super Quiller- world’s first multifunction battery operated quilling tool, helps you make coil in a jiffy, so you can focus more on the creative aspect of the project. Super Quiller can help in reducing the coiling time by almost 70-80%. The tool is capable of making coils of upto 10 strips in 1 go, which makes it a very handy tool for 3D Quilling. Combined with our Quilling Board and Sticky Back Quilling Strips, it makes Quilling a lot easier to learn and one of the most exciting creative play system, that can be enjoyed and learned by people of all age groups.


  1. A good variety of quilling strips: Every child loves to play with colors and every artist experiments with a multitude of shades, to create an exclusive piece of art. Availability of right set of material is extremely important for that.

 The Quill On edge:

Quill On boasts of having one of the largest collections of quilling paper in a single store. We already have 100+ options of quilling strip across color, size and styles to meet all your creative and play requirements.  Specialized strips like Glow in Dark, Corrugated, Metallic strips helps you give a distinct and appealing look to your creations.  Our team is constantly working to create new and specialized designs of Quilling strips to add some more fun and excitement to this art.


  1. Make it easier: Be it coiling or gluing or shaping, sometimes beginners do get a bit intimidated by the process of quilling. This is typically due to lack of right set of tools. 
The Quill On Edge:
At Quill On, it is our continuous endeavour  to  help make quilling process simpler, easier and fun!  To help us achieve this objective we have done lot of innovations such as:
    • Super Quiller- The automated quilling tool to making coiling quick
    • Sticky Back Quilling Strips- No more messy gluing, just peel and stick to get the right shape and size
    • Quilling Board- With option to make loose coils in 8 different sizes, so you can get the desired shape. Also specially designed to help closing the coils easier
    • Easy grip and child safe Tweezer
    • DIY Quilling Kits with additional supplies and templates to help you create a masterpiece and getting started
    • A range of other craft material and quilling essentials to go along with quilling- a one stop shop for all your quilling and associated supplies
    • New to Quilling, want to learn how to do quilling ? We have created step by step video tutorials to  help you learn make basic quilling shapes, which then be combined to create quilled creations

 4.  Looking for quilling designs and ideas: Everyday, there are thousands of people searching internet for tutorials and videos to learn Quilling. Creativity needs some amount of encouragement and inspiration. A small help or direction can help you create your masterpiece.

The Quill On Edge:

Quill On Projects & Ideas section has been created to help you inspire your imagination and creativity. There is something for everyone-whether you  are a kid or adult, beginner or advanced quiller. Quill On team keeps churning our fun and wacky quilling ideas, something that you would have never seen before.  The projects are divided into 5 different difficulty levels, so you can keep enhancing your quilling skills as you progress.  You can also chat live with our team in case you need any assistance or just want to bounce of some ideas.
It is our continuous endeavour to enhance your quilling experience with new tools, materials and ideas. Feel  free to write back to us at possibilities@imagimake.com  with your ideas, suggestions and feedback on our products!

Disha Katharani
Disha Katharani


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