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Paper Quilling has gained tremendous popularity in last couple of years in India. It is something which is enjoyed by kids and adults equally. We’ve been contemplating about this for a while and Here are some of reasons we believe that have led to quilling winning the hearts of kids and adults alike

  1. You can quill anything- From 2D to 3D, from a flower to a castle and from an elephant to a spaceship, Quilling is one of the most versatile creative techniques.
  2. Easy to learn and exciting enough to retain interest- Once you get a hang of making basic quilling shapes , you can keep adding layers of complexity to it to make it more exciting. You can progress from making basic designs to more elaborate projects, depending upon your skill level. Here is a link to some great quilling projects for you to get started.
  3. With quilling – you are in control. Let your imagination lead the way rather than specifically designed blocks or puzzles or moulds- -where you have to just follow the steps to create the designs. With wide variety of quilling strips available easily, you can give a unique look to any design.
  4. A useful skill- It’s not just a toy for an hour of play, but also a skill for lifetime, which nowadays is being used in various professionals such as jewellery designers, advertisers, educators. Creative play is also associated with improved self-confidence, motor skills, concentration and cognitive skills.
  5. Easy on your pocket- Quilling tools and materials are very affordable, than the other expensive art and hobby toys-which are just one time use. It can keep children engaged for hours during vacations and weekends. 

Quilling is truly something that wins with both the parent and the child! At Quill On, we have been working to make the experience of paper quilling a lot more fun and easy through our innovative range. We have also introduced our patented automated multifunction quilling tool that does the coiling for you in a jiffy! Check out the entire range of Quill On products and project ideas on our website.



Quill On Team
Quill On Team


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