Quilling Ideas to brighten up your Diwali Celebrations

Diwali Quilling Ideas

The biggest festival of the year is upon us! Have you started planning your Diwali decorations. Well, here are some fresh ideas to make your Diwali preparations a lot more exciting! Our team has curated these unique set of Diwali projects to inspire your imagination. It’s also a great way to have some fun creative playtime with your family this festive season.

Diyas, Toran and Rangoli are integral part of any Diwali celebrations and you can make them special with some amazing quilling ideas. What sets these creations apart, is that they use quilling along with other craft materials such as stone, foam, sand etc.  to create a very special and unique look.  You can find detailed instructions and templates which can be used to make these creations, however, we encourage you to give it your own creative spin and get ready to say “Look What I Made”.

Here is a sneak peek into some of these Festive Quilling ideas:


Dazzling Rangoli : A unique creation that uses wooden pieces, colored sand  mirrors along with quilling shapes. What makes this Rangoli really awesome is that you can arrange the wooden pieces in any pattern to create a different look every day.

Quilling Diyas : Diyas and Candles are an central  to Diwali celebration and all of us want to get a bit imaginative,while selecting or making them. Here are a set of 3 ideas to lighten up and create an exclusive look.


 Floating Diyas Quilled Glass Candles Quilled Pot Diyas
Floating Diyas Quilled Pot Diya


Festive Toran: Have you ever imagined a Toran made our of paper quilling? Well, this gorgeous Toran will make everyone get in awe of your creation. Give your visitors a grand welcome with a quilled toran.  

Quilled Toran

With Super Quiller, you can now make all the coils that you need for these projects in a span of few minutes. Also, our wide range of Quilling Paper,helps you give a unique and  exciting look to your creations.

Wish you all quill filled creative diwali !


Quill On Team
Quill On Team


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September 02, 2016

very beautiful. i like it so much. it is very useful for Diwali decorations..

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