5 Awesome Christmas Quilling Ideas

Quilling Christmas Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner.  Our team at Quill On has created some unique, fun and easy quilling projects to make your celebrations even more splendid! These Christmas crafts include: 3D sculptures of Santa Claus and Christmas tree, Quilled greeting card, Ornaments for tree decoration, there is something for every one. Even if you are still trying to learn quilling, we have some simple projects in this series to get you started. What better way to bring in the festivities and New Year than with a new hobby!

All the projects come with detailed instruction and free downloadable templates. There is enough room to give your own creative spin to these Christmas crafts and make them even more fun! 

Here’s a quick preview:  

  • Jolly Good Christmas Sculptures- Everyone loves Santa, Snowman and the Christmas Tree! In this project, we take you through making 3D quilling sculptures of Santa Claus along with a Christmas tree and a Snowman. The technique involves making tight coils of multiple strips and then expanding it using a Quilling mould. These moulded pieces are then glued together to create these jolly good sculptures:

Santa, Snowman, Christmas Tree made using 3D Quilling

  • Quilled Christmas Ornament- Christmas tree is an integral part of the celebration and we are always on a lookout for new innovative ideas to decorate our tree for the holidays. In this project you can create a set of fascinating quilled Christmas ornaments like snowflake, candy cane, stockings and more! The templates provided with the project guides you in creating the coils of right size and shape to make these ornaments.

Christmas Ornaments made using Quilling

  • Personalized Christmas Ornaments- Learn to make paper quilling frames in the shape of Christmas ornaments. You can choose from the template of Bell, Ball or Holly that are given with this project or use your own creativity to make a different ornament of your choice!

Christmas Themed Photo Frame made with Quilling

  • Santa with a Gift- Our favourite Santa is back in this project with a special gift! The project comes with foam pieces which can be assembled together to make your Santa and then you can decorate it with Quilled coils. It’s again an extremely simple project for beginners which just uses circular and drop shape of coils. Imagine the thrill of making this creation and just pulling on Santa’s hand to see the gift pop up! Sure to bring a smile on every child’s face!




  • Frosty’s Christmas Card- Make this Christmas special for your friends and family, with this easy to make quilled greeting card. The card just requires making circular loose coils in different sizes and with our Super Quiller and project templates; you can make one of these in within an hour.

Snowman Greeting Card

Excited about these Christmas crafts? You can now choose from the wide assortment of quilling papers which are available on our store to give these creations the desired look. Apart from more than 40+ colors of strips, you can also now try out metallic strips, crinkle strips and first of its kind Glow-in-the-dark quilling strips! So get creative this Christmas and give it a special touch with your own creations.

This Christmas set your mood to be creative and be merry with paper quilling. Christmas Quilling Kit is the perfect combo set to get your kids in the Christmas spirit and keep them engaged all the way till the new year.

Create 5 or more quilling projects! Pair of Christmas Cards, Quilled Christmas Ornaments, Crafty Fun Christmas Tree, Santa with a Gift, Paper Quilling Calendar all in one kit!


Quill On Team
Quill On Team


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