5 Reasons that make Quill On an ultimate store for Quilling Paper

 Multicolor Quilling Paper

Quillers are as passionate about their work as any other artists, and hence, access to right set of tools and materials becomes extremely critical to bring ideas to life.  At Quill On, we have done extensive research to make sure that our patron’s quilling experience is a delight and it is our continuous endeavour to fuel your passion with our innovative offerings. In this blog, we will touch upon what makes Quill On – Sticky Back Quilling Strips a must have, for all Quillers.

  1. Widest Range of Quilling Strips - At Quill On, we have curated one of the most unique and exciting range of Quilling Strips available in India. Apart from regular strips, our range includes Glow in the Dark Strips, Crinkle Strips and Metallic Strips. We are also very soon adding other types of quilling paper, such as graduated/shaded, touch of gold, beading paper and lot more options. You can sign-up for our newsletter to stay updated on what’s new. So whether you are making a glow in the dark greeting card, or 3D model of an Aeroplane or some Quilled Earrings, we just have the right set of quilling material to bring your ideas to life! 

Glow in Dark, Corrugated, Metallic Strips


  1. Easy to Use Peel and Stick Strips - We continuously strive to make Quilling fun and easy so that it can be easily picked up by first time Quillers. Our ‘Sticky Back’ Quilling strips is a step in that direction. After making the coil and expanding it, you can just peel off the silicon sticker and press using the tweezer to close the coil. It is especially useful for kids and first time Quillers. So you don’t need to get bogged down by tedious gluing and just focus on the creative bit.


Peel and Stick Quilling Strips


  1. Exciting Colour Palette - What paint is for painters, Quilling Strips are for Quillers. It is extremely important to have access to the right set of Quilling Papers to bring all your creativity to life. Quill On boasts to have one of the widest colour ranges of Quilling Papers. We have more than 50+ colours of Quilling Paper which have been carefully chosen from a palette of 200 odd colours to help you in your creative journey. We are constantly reviewing the list of colours and keep adding new colours in our range. We have recently launched 2 Mega Packs which offer you all the variety you can imaging at a special bundled price. Signature Collection Mege Pack contains 1,200 strips (100 strips of 12 most popular colours)  to help you in your bigger projects. Colour Splendor is a bundle of all the tone packs and contains 1,100 strips across 44 colours-and makes it a must have for every Quiller.


  1. High Quality Paper - those who quill regularly would be quick to realise the importance of good paper quality. Some of the most commonly faced problems are faded colours or color fading over time, lack of consistent thickness of paper. We provide you with one of the most superior quality of paper available in the market so that the colours don’t fade over time. Our strict quality control processes makes sure that all the papers are of consistent thickness, a thickness which is suitable for quilling.


  1. Consistency – Has it happened to you before that you have not found the same colour in the Quilling Strips that you need to finish something you started? You go out and buy a pack of red (or green or pink) quilling strip, and midway through your project, you run out of one particular colour. You stop all your work in the middle and go to the market again hunting for the same shade, but to your utter frustration the same colour is not available anywhere! What you get is either a different shade or you end up redoing the entire project or have to just learn to live with it! Consistent availability of the same colours of quilling strips is also a very common problem. We understand how frustrating this could be and hence we make sure that you get the same colour and same shade every time you buy a particular colour of quilling paper from us. The shade of our Strawberry Red or Mango Orange does not change with the season J and sunshine yellow and perky pink maintain their spark every time you buy them! Each of our colours is assigned an SKU code and a name – which is also printed on all the packets. So if you wish to reorder the same colour you just have to quote the name or code. Our online portal also makes ordering and replenishing your stock a lot more convenient from any device. You can also avail services like Cash on Delivery at no extra cost. Plus all our orders come with Quill on Gurantee of quality and any help or assistance that you need is just a phone call away!

 Quilling Paper

So next time when you are planning to buy quilling strips, there is no need to hunt around - just hit the order button and your delivery will be at your door steps! 

Quill On Team
Quill On Team


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July 07, 2017

Great! Now we can make any creation with ur specialized packs .

Quill On Team
Quill On Team

October 03, 2016

Thank you for your kind words. We are delighted to hear that you have liked our products. We look forward to your continued support & feedback.

Pratibha Mohan
Pratibha Mohan

October 02, 2016

Just bought your products…amazing quality…very impressed.Thank you

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