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Summer time is on us and it is that part of the year when we plan our holidays & other fun activities. And like every summer, as a parent you are surely concerned about your child’s activity calendar. If you are browsing through which activities to choose for your kids and would like to indulge them in something unique, and on-trend, we at Quill On would like to suggest that your child can get superbly creative and put on the fun thinking cap this summer. Provide your child with a constructive avenue of spending time by exploring the joyous hobby of Quilling!

Indulging in the fun and creative activity of quilling shall help them unwind, break the monotony and move beyond the usual grind of academics this summer. Quilling being an art, it is not seasonal in nature, shall never fade and can be practiced wherever and whenever one wants. Quilling gives them an opportunity to bring out their talent, let their creative juices flow and using their vivid imagination, give their innocent thinking a concrete shape. It is easy on the pocket, as it requires just a basic set of tools to get started, using which one can make a new creation every time, which also makes it a versatile technique. Same tools and accessories can be used across projects and given that Quilling is diverse in nature and not a repetitive task, children shall not get bored of it.


Even if you are new to the world of quilling, get to know more for a quick introduction with this video:


Quilling can bring out the creative side in each one of us, so even YOU as a parent can give it a try. While the child can independently handle the quilling process, with a little guidance from the parent, the combined creative imagination can work wonders and make for some fun parent-child bonding and playtime. Indulging in this DIY activity for kids, shall keep them constructively engaged for a considerable amount of time and enhance their motor skills as well. To create something new with zeal also gives the child a sense of accomplishment and distinction.

Quilling is a DIY activity that every kid will love. Once they get the hang of it, they can get so involved that they will develop fervour for it. There are different levels of difficulty which quilling has to offer and the child can adopt based on their inclination and interest levels. It is easy for even a beginner who can undertake a project such as Easy Quilling Art. It can advance to higher levels where the learner can explore projects such as Quillography or rejoice with the Quilled Musical Swing this summer. There is a wide variety of projects which can be done from 2D to 3D quilling, each offering a different level of challenge along with an unparalleled thrill to the child.

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If reading this so far has aroused your curiosity in quilling even more, then we would suggest trying out something from our wide range of products. Consider playful kits that allow children to turn strips of quilling paper into gorgeous thematic nameplates, wonderful pop-up cards, super fun 3D photo frames and creatively assembled home décor. Or take a more custom DIY route by browsing the projects section and find tutorials that can help create puppets or 3D idols. We provide DIY activity material which has fun-filled variants and is a great medium for both parents and their children to get involved in. Such do-it-yourself projects for kids are not only fun and entertaining to put together but also allow for some quality family time during vacations.

If your child prefers a more free play atmosphere then we recommend Super Quiller & Buddies using which your child can make tons of quilling projects and even use the fun attachments for crimping paper and making paper beads. With these tools and their vivid imagination, the child can ultimately create anything ranging from quilled vehicles to fun animals; from jewellery & fashion accessories to 3D frames and decoratives.

ultimate quilling kitIf your child is up for a more exciting and thrilling combo then you may consider our Ultimate Quilling Kit which offers even more tools and supplies tons. It has 4 quilling tools: the Super Quiller, Border Buddy, Quilling Mould and Quilling Board. It also comes with 1400 Quilling Strips in different colours and styles. Armed with so many tools and strips, the possibilities are endless and is sure to keep even the fastest quillers busy through the summer. This truly is a complete package for quilling away to glory!

Encourage your child to splurge creativity this summer and keep them constructively entertained. Have a look at our projects section to get more ideas on what all fascinating creations your child can make and dive into the world of quilling. To get tutorials and watch videos that shall assist your child in using these tools and come up with splendid creations, please subscribe to our YouTube channel. Our social media updates shall also help you and your child to stay abreast with the latest quilling trends, contests, features & lots more! See you there!


Quill On Team
Quill On Team


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