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Christmas Quilling KitSanta, Christmas Tree, Rudolph, Snowflakes… the list of Christmas specials can go on and on. It’s amazing how easily these Christmas elements bring a smile to a child’s face. Come December, children not only start thinking about what Santa’s bringing them this year, but also of so many wonderful ways in which they can decorate the Christmas Tree and our homes to get in to the festive spirit. It’s also close to Christmas Holidays and for parents, a large amount of mind space is taken up to answer the question ‘Oh, how will I keep my child happily and constructively engaged this vacation?’

Quilling is a wonderful activity for kids. It is just such a versatile craft! From flowers and butterflies to Aliens and Dinosaurs, Quilling is handy technique to give shape to your imagination. Not to be left behind, quilling is an excellent way to embellish Cards, scrapbooks, invitations, gift tags, picture frames and much more. So it’s no wonder that quilling art is a perfect fit with Christmas crafts as well. What’s more, as a skill, it can help your child improve their motor skill, creativity, concentration and self-confidence. Quilling has now become an integral part of the avid crafter’s room. Availability of motorized quilling tool and sticky back quilling strips has made quilling a lot more fun and exciting for kids.

A Pair of Christmas CardsStart with the simple and subtle – like this pair of Christmas cards. The basic quilling shapes used here are easy for a beginner quiller and the creations simple enough for a young child to finish in just a matter of 45 minutes. In this you can make 1 quilled Christmas tree and related ornaments the other one you can make is Santa, Reindeer, Penguin and Snowman. They can make this card to give as a Christmas greeting to their buddies or they can use this as an invitation card for a Christmas Party and invite their friends in a unique and different style.

Schools often have projects and competitions around this time of the year as well, and surely every parent and child is searching through loads and loads of options on the internet for ideas to make the most awesome project! So how about some quilled Christmas ornaments? If you have a Christmas Party at school or a Christmas Tree to decorate, this would just be perfect on that too. Here is the another project for kids wherein they can make Quilled Snowflake, a striped Candy Cane, a red nose Rudolf, a bright red Stocking and a peaceful Angel. They can decorate the house also using this Quilled Christmas Ornaments and give it a festive look.

 Quilled Christmas Ornaments

Quilled Christmas TreeChildren are excited to try new things and often run up to parents saying "What can I do next?" Now the beauty of quilling is that it just goes so well as a combination craft with so many wonderful kids craft activities. Take for example sand art – Sand Art is Art that kids love as they just love playing with sand. Over here we have taken Christmas tree shaped bottle for sand art as Christmas is on the way. They can even decorate the bottle from the outer side with quilled Christmas Ornaments and keep them for house décor.

Another great idea for a combination craft this Holiday season is Santa with a Gift. As Santa always gives a gift to kids, same way you can make your own Santa with a gift. This one comes with pre-cut foam pieces that a child can just peel and stick – making the activity even more fun! Then make some quilling coils and stick them on your Santa to decorate him and give him more of a 3D look. When we pull down on Santa’s hand a gift will pop up! It’s a fabulous Activity for kids as they are happy when they get gifts.


As enjoyable as Christmas is, the run up to the New Year is no less. It’s exciting to mark a new beginning, new hopes and aspirations, New Year resolutions and plans to look forward to. Get your kids excited about planning for the New Year as they prepare their own hand made calendar. A calendar is one of the most steadfast friends of a child’s desk. Through handmade calendar they can even showcase their creativity to everyone. In this kids can make quilled animals using basic shapes. As this is for kids we have made animals as they love them.

 New Year Calendar

If you have liked this selection of projects get the whole bundle at a super special Christmas discount of 40% for only Rs. 999. It's a great way to celebrate the festive season, learn a new skill and have lots and lots of fun. The children can even invite their friends over and enjoy quilling with them. Craft activities for kids are often more fun when done in a group setting - this also encourages them to be more social, learn to work as a team and the satisfaction of sharing the creative joy with each other is unparalleled. This Christmas quilling kit comes complete with: Automated Tool Super QuillerQuilling Board and 600+ Quilling Strips. It also has all the above Quilling projects. 

Christmas Quilling kitChristmas Crafts for kids

Now when you have so many options encourage your child to show their flawless creativity in this Christmas Season. Just dive into the world of quilling and make more fabulous creations. To get some ideas, watch videos and tutorials to create splendid creation just subscribe to our youtube channel or facebook page.

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