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Dr. Jiji. S. Deepak Quilling Artist from the South of India attempts yet another World Record in Paper Quilling with her Grand installation- 'Mother Earth'. Dr. Jiji has been an avid quiller for almost 5 years and already has two records under her belt. Her passion for this art form and dedication to create grand art works only grows stronger with time. Today we talk about her latest World Record attempt.

We recently had an interaction with Dr. Jiji. S. Deepak and here are some excerpts/highlights from the interview:

What inspired you to go for Limca Book of Record?

I have already entered in India Book of Records and Universal Records Forum, so my next aim was obviously Limca Book of Record.

Quilling Artist

What is your Target Record?

Largest Paper Quilling art work measuring 22 feet by 12 feet.

 Final Artwork

What inspired you to select this theme in making this art work?

I am a nature loving person by heart. So when it came to selecting a theme, nature was the first theme that came to my mind. And so I decided to present it on World Earth Day (22nd April, 2018) and my theme was “Mother Earth”.

How much time did you take in making this artwork?

As per official records, I have taken 45 hours 10 m 55 seconds. I had completed the same in 9 days.

How much material and what was the count of the strips and coils being used to execute this idea?

 I had used almost 15,000 strips (Shades of Blue, Orange, Black, Brown).

Colours used

How was your experience in executing these ideas into reality?

It was quite a challenge. The enormous number of strips I had to deal with and the sheer size of the artwork had taken a toll on me. But again since I love Quilling, it was always a pleasant experience. Each day I had to think a lot to make the huge structure a reality. Since it was so huge, I needed to plan it as it was not possible to transport such a huge artwork without it getting damaged. So it took me months to plan about the structure work, the practicality of the theme, and how I could get it transported to the exhibition Center without it actually getting damaged. But even after so much planning, since it was paper, there were about 5% damage while transporting and I had to stay till 1.00 a.m. at the exhibition Center to correct the damages.

Dr.Jiji with the Art work

 Do you know other Professional Quillers?

I don’t know anyone personally. But yes I have chatted with a few of them. I have chatted with my inspiration Yulia Broadskaya. And I have chatted with another very talented Quiller Stacy Bettencourt whose works has inspired me in some of my works.

When asked her about the judging process of Limca Book of Records here is what she has to say:

"It Takes a lot of documentations in LBR (Limca Book of Records). Now with the new management team of LBR, things have become a lot more difficult as they are trying to standardized. So for that reason, they are rejecting a lot of categories which were present earlier. Now the categories are more of the same as Guinness. For me, the last team of LBR had accepted my attempt for most number of category, but by the time I had my paperwork done for the same, the LBR management had changed and since then they offered me another option that was to attempt for breaking the existing largest Quilling record of 20 * 10 feet. So I accepted it happily, they sent me all the required documents which I filled up and send it back to the team of LBR. After I got official communication from LBR team to go ahead with my attempt, I attempted the same on April 22nd (Earth Day). My works name is 'Mother Earth' 22 * 12 feet. I had recorded the whole process of making in HD camera. After the exhibition, I had sent the live recordings, newspaper cuttings, news channel reports and the authentication & witness certificates from earlier decided Limca Approved Observers (Gazetted officers of my area permitted by LBR, accepted previously by my application). I will get the confirmation of my Record by Oct - Nov Which they will send for next years publication. I would like to add that all this was possible only because of the whole hearted support of my husband - Dr. Deepak Mohan, he use to take care of all the formal paperwork and official communications with LBR team." 

Then she added, "From my experience, Quilling takes lot of time and patience. Quilling (Professionally) is not an art where you can work with time frame, you need immense patience, but you will have extreme satisfaction when you see the final outcome of your hard work."

Dr. Jiji has been a continued patron of Quill On products and has used Quill On Tools and Strips in this installation as well. When asked about her experience with these Quill On products, here is what she has to share:

"Very good experience to say the least. The kind of support that they give to Quillers like us is invaluable. The firmness, the quality and the colour varieties available with Quill On is un-comparable. I have worked with other Strips as well but I don't get the satisfaction which I get with Quill On Products. Sticky Back Strips of Quill On have saved me a lot of time and also it helps me in making my work neat and saves the mess. Again if I need some strips urgently Quill On has a quick response team and I get them in no time. Thank You Quill On!!"

Dr. Jiji using Super Quiller

To learn more about her, please read our First Story on this amazing Quilling Artist.

Quill On Team
Quill On Team


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