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Global Quilling Artists

Photo Credit: Sena Runa

Quilling, developed in the late 18th century has found its way to our everyday desks and hobby rooms. From rolling the varied strips of paper, to sticking it along different shapes and sizes of patterns makes it look beautiful. Seemingly simple, this art has the versatility to transform into the magnificent!

Along the art, there are these seven amazing artists from all over the globe who are inspired to create their own styles and paths, leaving an impact on the hand-craft and the art world.



Quilled Creations

She is an artist and illustrator known for her handmade elegant and detailed paper illustrations. Originally from Russia (Moscow), she is now based in the UK. Quilling Artists

She quotes, “Typography is my second love, after paper and I’m really happy that I’ve found a way of combining the two. Having said that, I don’t want to exclude non-typo based designs, I’d like to work on different projects.”

To describe her craft works Yulia uses the term ‘paper grafics’. An amazing creator whose art and hand skills are inspired by the colours around us every day, she focuses on precision and absolute detailing in her work. Working for different advertisements using her quilling skills she inspires many to use this art for promotions and commercial activities (discover more through Yulia's website).




Quilled Creations

Quilling artistWhile trying to think of something original to gift in December 2012, she came across Yulia Brodskaya's work and was just taken over with this fantastic craft. She got started right away, only to hand her sister an I.O.U. on her birthday because it took her so long to complete! Within the span of a year, she went on went on to exhibit at the OOAK (One Of A Kind) show in Chicago, IL with 600+ artists and things have only grown further from then on.

All of her work starts out as a blank board and then soon takes shape as and when ideas pop up into her mind. Spontaneous designs and energizing colors are definitely pleasing and satisfying to look at in her work (visit Ashley's website).



SENA RUNA (Turkey)


Quilled Creations

We love to come across a designer whose work is
Quilling Artist

exploring new territory. That was the case when we noticed the fresh designs of quiller Sena Runa of Turkey. The colorful, yet cohesive palette she favors gives an appealing unity to her art pieces. Each one of Sena's home decor designs is cheerfully festive; just right for a young child's playroom or bedroom. Sometimes she incorporates ink and flourishes into a dimensional paper illustration.

For Sena, creating her own style of the art work gives her the sense of complete freedom. She has created more than 180 kinds of different artworks and sold them all across the world. She makes her own strips thus customizing the entire art work. Each and every detailed piece shows a splash of colors and is perfect for home decors and a child’s bedroom. Her inspiration lies in all the joy around us and bringing it out to fruitful colours (visit Sena's website).


 JITESH PATEL (United Kingdom)


Quilled Creations


Jitesh specializes in illustration and Art Direction. His drive isQuilling artist through creative flair, excellence and over-the-edge exploration; he creates new possibilities to help clients thrive in an ever changing design world. Jitesh first sketches his ideas on paper, and then works them through to completion via computer. He has found it helpful to build a library of original design elements, which he returns to for use in illustrations.


Jitesh's designs are generally composed of simple lines, yet they appear intricate and delicate. Scrolls provide a sense of movement. He brings quilling to life through the different videos and along with his studio mate, 3D designer Alex Hammond (find out more about Jitesh).



 Quilled Creations


Actively quilling since 2012, Quillosophy  is all about sharing the art of quilling. Bavani has become an expert in creating a variety of artworks using different paper quillinq techniques and her artworks encompass decorative art, cards and even accessories. She also accepts custom requests, if you have any idea in mind. She’s currently living in Malacca, Malaysia. Since 2012, she has been actively creating art that are based on paper, primarily using quilling.

Quilling Artist - BavaniUsing this technique, she’s able to create decorative art, cards and even accessories like earrings & key chains. Her bigger interest though is to create artworks via different quilling styles that has a personal touch to it (doesn't have to be hers) or carries an identity of sorts while trying to stay as original as possible. Currently the medium she works with most is paper but she’s not limited to it.

She is always open for custom requests as creating new things has always been more interesting for her. She likes creating simple yet striking artworks which can be used by everyone and are pleasing to the eye (on to more works of Bavani).


STALLMAN (North America)



Quilled Creations

Hallman and Stum, a Pacific Northwest based artist duo, merge talent and vision to create multifaceted sculpture. They are partners in life and work in tandem
Quilling Artist
on each piece they create. They find inspiration from patterns and gradients in the natural world. The duo merged their names Stum and Hallman to create Stallman.

Creating together, one acts as the right side of the brain and the other the left.This union dissolves the boundaries of what is possible turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

Using varied kinds of paper along with different mediums that they are put on, they create sculptures getting their inspirations from the edges papers and the gradient play. The fascinating aspect of their work is that it is actually not paper but mostly painted canvas - manipulated in the 'quilling style' to create some really stunning 3D canvas sculptures (visit the Stallman Studio).


DR. JIJI (India)


Quilled Creations

Dr. Jiji S Deepak is a dentist by profession and hails from Thiruvanthapuram,Quilling artist Kerala. She is a record holding quiller and has entered the Universal Records for her 101 works of paper quilling showcased at the exhibition in Thrissur in the month of June 2016. She discovered that wonderful art creations were indeed possible with Quilling Strips and so her love journey with quilling started four years back. She is self-trained in all her hobbies that she pursues including painting while quilling remains her mainstay hobby.

Her husband is supportive of her hobby. For Dr. Jiji as with many, quilling is a stress reliever and helps her relax and makes her calm. Her passion drives her to take time out for her hobby. One of her exhibitions which was held in Ernakulam displayed her biggest artwork till date which is a 5*5 feet Quilling art. She now plans to make her mark in the Limca Book of World records (read the full interview - a Quill On exclusive).


We hope that through these small excerpts of such great works we have inspired you too to dive into the depths of this mesmerizing paper craft and discover your own unique quilling styles. As fascinating as these artists are, we are sure the world of quilling has many more as well. We are always on the look out for the latest and the greatest happenings of the quilling space so stay tuned to keep reading more and more!



    Quill On Team
    Quill On Team


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    Diane Toohey
    Diane Toohey

    March 01, 2017

    As a “firsttimer” to the art of Quilling my inspirations are drawn from these brilliant artists. There is no way I could contemplate achieving the talent displayed in their works, however in my way as an amateur I can only be inspired
    to make quilling art that shows at least I am trying.

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