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quilling for school

It’s that time of the year again when students are getting ready to head back to school after an enjoyable summer vacation. One of the best parts of heading back to school is the ‘new’ factor associated with it. New academic year, new class, new teachers, new books, and even the possibility of new friends! How about adding some more excitement and doing away with the jitters of getting back to school by giving your child a much deserved boost to look forward to school welcoming and making it fun!

Let your child shrug off the monotony associated with going to school. There can indeed be a fun driving force that can trigger delight and positivity towards going back to school. While buying new back-to-school supplies is certainly something that most kids look forward to, why not try crafting a few ourselves!

Back to school craft projects are a great way of getting kids excited about the upcoming school year. Hand crafting has its own charm – not only is it a fun activity but also allows a child to express themselves and personalize their projects. They make for great parent child bonding activities as well. And as a parent and child create these wonderful back to school supplies the dialogue often revolves around aspects of school that the child can look forward to – this has an enormous subliminal benefit of generating positive energy in a child’s mind for the upcoming school year.

So how about we start with making a time table...

Quilled Time Table

 quilled time table

A time table is a must have thing as our school starts. It not only simplifies their daily activities but also lets them keep a tab on being timely. Every child would wish to decorate it in a different way to look forward to the journey ahead. So how about decorating it using paper quilling technique? This Quilled Time Table will give the study table an awesome look. So get ready to make this interesting quilling idea which kids can also share with their craft teacher and get some bonus points!

Peeping Animal Bookmarks

quilled bookmarks

Reading school books is sometimes not an activity that kids look forward to. So how about crafting a set of bookmarks that will peep out to turn that frown upside down? This project shall allow you to make 10 different animals by using basic quilling technique. Some of the animals suggested here are Owl, Tortoise, Fish, and Penguin. These animal book marks are not only easy to make but also fun to carry around. These cute creatures will stand tall to mark your spot in any book and are sure to keep a smile on your face too!


Colourful Penstand

quilled penstand

Here is a colourful companion for your study table. Bring back brightness to your desk after the break. This pen stand uses 3D quilling as a technique. You can use a fascinating combination of quilling papers to make coils and give it a colourful look. The multi layered approach adds a special character to the pen stand. Make your pens and pencils stand tall in this stunning DIY pen stand.


Windmill Book Cover

book cover

Getting back to school is about prepping up for the academic year. Preparations range from keeping the school attire ready, reviving the school bag, buying new books and so much more! Here is an interesting book cover that is attractive and unique There is an easy to follow step-by-step guide that shall see this project to the finish. What makes the book cover inviting is the quilled windmill which even has a fan that rotates!

Spinning Tops


Make your own spinning tops using the Super Quiller and some 10 mm quilling strips in just a few moments. Not only are the quilling designs simple to make, the colours of the quilling strips and the shape of the top make for an attractive project for kids. Just add a craft stick in the center of your quilling disk and your spinning top is ready. Getting back to school is not only about getting your head in studies but can also be backed with wholesome fun entertainment!

Goodies for Friends

gifts for friends

Going back to school is filled up with excitement of meeting old friends and thrill of making new friends. Why not celebrate the occasion and make your friends feel special with some handmade gifts! These fun gifts are sure to make your friends feel on top of the world.


Quilled Creative Magnets

quilled magnets

Here is a project that is truly motivating. Each of these creative magnets has a quote which is inspiring and can charge them up to head back to school. These can be fixed onto the study table or wherever you wish to brighten up the environment. The easy-to-follow quilling template makes it easier to see this project to completion.

Just dive into these fun creative projects and give ‘back to school’ a whole new vigour. Make the most of the remainder of the vacation with these exciting projects and get involved with your child to give a new dimension to ‘back to school’. If you wish to get these projects and more in one convenient Quilling Kit, do check out our Back to School Combo.

Let your child step up and step out in gusto towards their first day in school. We at Quill On, wish your child all the very best for the forthcoming academic year and do not forget to keep the creativity ticking along with studies by indulging in the enchanting world of paper quilling. Happy Quilling!


Quill On Team
Quill On Team


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