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Popularity of Paper quilling as a hobby is on a rapid rise across the globe. There are several reasons that make it a hit among kids, adults, professionals and homemakers, men and women.  Quilling,  apart from being an excellent medium  of creative expression , also has a lot of utility value, which makes it  very popular as a hobby. Here are some of the reasons that have contributed to the rise of paper quilling:

    1. Easy to Learn - Quilling is an extremely easy technique to pick-up. The beauty is in the simplicity of the technique, and the myriad possibilities presented by it with minimal fuss. Within the first few hours of taking up quilling you can start coming up with your own beautiful creations. As you develop your quilling skills, you can keep experimenting with different Quilling Tools and various types of quilling strips to create new and complex forms and shapes and to take your quilling designs to the next level.  You can check our previous blogs on ‘How to do paper quilling' 'Part 1' and 'Part 2' . 
    2. Free Flowing Creative Canvas - - Much like classic creative arts such as painting or clay modelling, quilling offers a creative landscape that puts you and your imagination at the center. Armed with the know-how of the basic quilling techniques, you can let your imagination soar to make just about anything – unrestricted by form or dimension. From simple Quilling Flowers to complex quillography installations, from Quilling Cards that children love making to the gorgeous Quilling Jhumkas that are a favourite among women – quilling is hobby that can take you wherever you wish to go.     Quilling Ideas
    3. Affordable and Accessible Materials- Paper quilling tools and supplies are moderately priced and allow you the flexibility of investing only as much little as you wish to, as you want, when you want. No large purchases required to start exploring this hobby – with just a Quilling Tool and a single packet of Qulling Paper one can easily make multiple items. With the evolution of online commerce, now access to quilling material is just a click away. You can just browse through the Website an pick and choose the quilling tools , strips and other project supplies that you want and it gets delivered to your doorsteps within a week.  With option of cash on delivery and flexible return policy, now you can procure all that you need for your project, from the convenience of your home.Quilling Tools

When we speak to so many of our customers and ask them what they love about paper quilling, the first thing that most talk about is the wide variety of applications the paper quilling has. Some of the most common application of quilling are:

  1. Quilling Jewellery - Jewellery made out of paper quilling has gained lot of popularity and there are number of professional jewellery makers who make and sell these items. Quilling Jhumkas and Quilling Earrings are most common. Quilled jewellery are very easy to make and works very well with a lot of existing jewellery making supplies that are a part of most hobbyist’s supplies. Just imagine being able to make yourself or your daughter that perfect pair of earrings that match each and every dress. Quilling Jewellery
  2. Festival Decorations - Festivals are a time when we love spending time decorating our homes with something fun, creative and unique. Paper quilling allows you to do that in so many ways. Quilling has found its place in almost all the festivals, not only in India but globally.  Rakhies, Ganpati, Diya, Toran and Rangoli made out of paper quilling are extremely popular and it’s easy to find quilling designs and tutorials for these.. The best part is that you can easily customize any design by changing the colours and shapes of coils to create your unique quilled creations.  Even during Christmas, Santa Claus and Snowman made out of Paper Quilling are fun activities to make the festivities more enjoyable for kids.Quilling Rangoli, Quilling Diya
  3. Personalized Gifting – It is said that a handmade gift is a gift of love. Wouldn’t it be awesome if your hobby empowered you to make the most amazing gifts for your loved ones? One of the most common and widely used applications of quilling is for personalized gifting. Quilling Cards, Quilling Nameplates, Envelopes and photo frames are in vogue.  Nothing connects with people more than a personalized gift and quilling offers endless possibilities.                      Quilling Father's day gift
  4. Best Out of Waste- You can take up any existing or old article of your home and give it a completely new look with paper quilling. Convert your old plastic bottles into flower vase or deck up an old box with colourful coils- just get hold of any old object and let your imagination fuel the outcome.Quilling ideas- best out of waste
  5. A Perfect Toy – Paper quilling is also gaining popularity among kids as a fun and creative play option. With the evolution of tools and technique –such as automated quilling tool and self-adhesive quilling strips, the technique of quilling has become a lot more exciting for kids.  A child friendly quilling kit and some amount of guidance can help open up new dimensions of creative development. It can provide hours of creative playtime and help them take a break from the incessant onslaught of digital media. Quilling combines the benefit of both craft and a construction set. By using the technique of 3D quilling, children can easily make a scaled 3D model of any object- be it their favourite super hero or a castle or some cool desk accessories.Quilling Kit
  6. Quilling Painting- Skilled artists also make large quilling installations and painting which are widely appreciated and sold. Quillography is another popular technique of quilling widely used by artists.Quilling Painting

Whatever be your reason to start quilling, we can assure you that the very first creation you make will immerse you into the creative and playful world of paper quilling.  So now it’s time to stop reading and start quilling – enjoy!



Quill On Team
Quill On Team


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kritika gupta
kritika gupta

June 25, 2019

hi! very nicely explained about quilling as a hobby of all age groups, what exactly is quilling and how it is done. The applications are also well-listed and detailed explained, and I liked the best out of waste articles.
Very happy to know it. I love quilling too.

Roopali Tiwari
Roopali Tiwari

July 19, 2016

What a amazing invention!!
But video is not playing …..want to know its prize!!n how can I buy it
So happy to see it ..I love art n craft so much….n I m creative too always learn by myself ..thx

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