A Couple of Perfect Paper Crafts

Punch Craft and Punch Quilling

Two Paper Crafts that are just Made for Each Other!

We love combining our paper quilling projects with a bit of punch craft from time to time and every time, the creation turns out to be absolutely dazzling.

The intricacies in the coils of paper quilling are mirrored in the intricate cuts that are made by the paper punches. So they blend in perfectly together and display the texture of the paper in their own unique way.

While making all the quilling coils may take time, punch craft provides a quick and easy solution to making the backgrounds and borders of the projects while retaining the overall delicate appeal of the craft.

Sometimes while using punches one may feel that the creativity is a bit restricted by the designs of the craft punches. Fear not, just combine it with a bit of paper quilling to and make any design you like with the coils.

We can make great motifs and designs with paper quilling but whether is is a greeting card, gift tag, or any other projects, more often than not, it needs a base to go on. Border punches and corner punches are a great way of giving that special cut to this base.

And just like that we've given you not one but four great reasons to show why punch craft and paper quilling are just a perfect match. Browse the projects and punches below, start crafting and share your reasons with us!

Paper Punches in the Stars and Diamonds Designs complete the spectacular look of this 'My Dreams' themed book cover:

Quilling Designs


Craft Punches in different sizes & styles of leaves make a quick and intricate lush green backdrop for quilling flowers:

 Quilling Creations

Now, if you have already browsed through our punch designs in the Project Supplies section, you already know that we have tons and tons of variety. These can be classified into 4 main types:

Paper Punches

These are the classic punches that work well with paper up to about 180 GSM in thickness. We have tons of designs in 2 different sizes; Small - 1 cm punch size, Medium - 2.5 cm punch size.  

Paper Punches

Craft Punches

These are a relatively new entrant in the punch craft scene - their super-power is that the can punch craft foam as well - 1 mm foam and 2 mm foam. So now you can cut your favourite designs in foam just as easily.

Craft Punches

Border Punches

As the name suggests, these punches are perfect for making borders with their long, thin and intricate patterns. Be it a bookmark or a card, these just work wonders to enhance the edges of any creative project.

 Border Punches

Corner Punches

Got great borders? Now, how about something special for the corners too? These punches have special placeholders so that you can insert the corner of the paper in them easily and get the cut at the perfect spot.

Corner Punch

Now that you know the different types of punches there are; how about exploring how to use these punches in the most amazing ways! 

Our team explored some of these fascinating ways in a recent project - Lovely Quilling Gift Tags. We used the most popular quilling designs like the Quilling Flowers and Quilling Butterflies and decided to combine it with a wide variety of paper punches in some really cool and different ways.

We had so much fun getting creative with paper quilling and punch craft that we just had to share this with you. So here is a set of 5 different ways in which you can combine these 2 amazing paper crafts into some fantastic creations. 

1. Combine Punch Cut Outs

While pasting a punched cut out flat on a paper could look good, we loved the idea of taking 2 or three such cut outs and pasting them together. Use an embossing tool and paste just in the center to give this a more 3D effect. This card uses the paper punched flowers alongside a pretty quilling butterfly and some dainty quilling leaves.

Quilling Cards

2. Punch on Printed Papers

Now we all know that lovely coloured papers make the punched cut outs look gorgeous. In fact in any paper craft, the colour combination plays such an important role in the overall design. How about taking that a step further and using the paper punches on printed paper? You can even try magazine or newspaper prints! Here’s the butterfly punch design on printed paper along with another lovely quilling butterfly. We folded the punched butterfly in the middle to make it look like it was fluttering its wings!

Craft Punches

3. Use Punched Paper as a Stencil

The paper punches have such lovely designs. It would be wonderful to see them in print too wouldn't it? Make your own printed or patterned paper by simply using the punched paper as a stencil. You can use either the punched cut out or the cut out pattern it leaves behind based on the pattern you wish to create. We used artistry inks in these examples but you can even use any paint you might have at home. Just be sure to hold the punched paper steady and tightly pressed to the painting surface.

 Quilling Patterns

4. Curl your Punch Cut Outs

If you look closely at the leaves in your plants or garden, you will rarely find them completely flat. Make your leaves look more alive by just curling them with a stick. We even love to combine different patterns of the leaves and punching them on different shades of green to get a lush background for our quilling flowers. We’ve used this in a quilling photo frame project too and it looks awesome.

Punch Craft Cards

5. Fold your Punch Cut Outs

Building on that thought of not keeping the cut outs flat, how about folding them in the center and sticking multiple pieces to get a 3D look? We loved how this looks in the balloon design. Just combine it with a punch craft teddy and a lovely quilling bow to make the perfect happy birthday gift tag!

Punch Craft

Punch craft, paper quilling and a whole bunch of crafts become oh so much fun when you have more and more variety in the designs/colours to let your imagination flow without any constraints. So we are delighted to bring to you the widest variety in quilling strips and punch designs!

New to punch craft? Get a punch set to get a head start:

  Punch Sets

We have four types of Punch Sets:

  1. Paper Punch - Small - Alphabet
  2. Paper Punch Set - Large
  3. Paper Punch Set - Small
  4. 4 Small Punch + Scissor Set


With that, we bring this session to wrap. We sure do hope that you found this interesting and will try it out for yourself. Share your creative works with us, with #Lookwhatimade - we'd love to see them!

Quill On Team
Quill On Team


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