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Quilling cards

Card making is the simplest and cutest form of paper craft activity that kids love to indulge in. It gives them an avenue to express their feelings to the full. Not only is it creative, but also just so much fun. It is also a great tool that helps nurture a child's patience, thoughtfulness and generosity. Completing the crafts successfully will give them an immense sense of accomplishment and pride. It is also a great opportunity for bonding with parents, siblings or friends!

The elegance and superiority of the quilling card is a class apart and incomparable - making them a apt for card making for kids.

There are many types of quilling cards which can be made, let’s look at some interesting styles. Here we present to you a variety of cards which have different styles and cater to a range of crafters who could have varied aptitude and knack for quilling and creativity – from basic to advanced, take your pick!

The Classic Quilling Card

This type of card, as the name suggests is a class apart. Despite it being termed as an ‘excellent creation’, all the card requires is a few basic shapes and some paper. Using simple quilling techniques which are not too time consuming to learn can lead to fantastic creations!

Cute Quilling Card

cute quilling card

Quilling cards can be quite complex and are often thought to contain only flowers and butterflies. But here are some easy quilling designs that go beyond that and use simple quilling basic shapes. These cute quilling cards have a fun message too!

Princess Quilling Card

quilling cards for girls

For all the girls out there, combine paper quilling and fringing to create a pretty quilling greeting card and invite friends to your princess party in style. Make this princess theme birthday card by using simple quilling designs.

The Print Based Quilling Card

This is a simple variety of quilling card which even a beginner to quilling can try their hands on. Kids can write their own message inside these printable greeting cards, and decorate them however they wish, allowing their creative side to shine through. The ready printed template makes it easy and convenient to make the coils. The template tells us the number of strips required to make the coil, the size each coil needs to be made in and so forth.

Beach Card

Get whacky and in the groove with this trendy beach card. This beach themed quilling card has an attractive background and is an awesome craft activity for kids to introduce them to the art of paper quilling.

Quilled Birthday Card

quilled birthday card

This card is easy, fun and comes with a birthday greeting. The template design is simple and elegant. With a little bit of creativity this personalized quilled greeting card is sure to bring delight to the recipient’s face.

The Pattern Based Quilling Card

This type of cards should appeal to those who prefer a sophisticated greeting style. The quilling pattern is exquisite and arty. The range is diverse from simple quilling cards, which involve a basic design and minimum detail, to intricate quilling cards for advanced levels of quilling.

Mother's Day Quilling Card

mother's day quilling card

This card has an interesting quilling pattern which combined with the simple explanatory instruction template makes for an apt greeting card on any Mother’s Day! We had used it as a mother’s day card but of course – it can be perfect for many different occasions. A Quilling card with an attractive constellation and uses just 2 shapes. The project requires close to 100 coils but with the Super Quiller, it 100 coils go by in a breeze!

 quilling cards

Mesmerize your loved one with this Illusion Quilling Card. The highlight of this quilling card is that it uses quilling paper in just 2 colours but when the coils are arranged in the set pattern, makes for an outstanding effect.

The Pop-up Quilling Card

Pop-up cards are a wonderful twist to the ordinary greeting card. As the name suggests, the surprise element on opening up the card, is sure to charm the receiver. Even though the name may seem intriguing, pop-up cards are enormous fun and easy to create. The only key challenge to include quilling in a pop-up card is that attention needs to be given to plan a spine that facilitates to incorporate the height of the coils. No worries though, cause in our project section you’ll get access to 4 pop-up card templates with the spines pre-planned for you.

Surprise Birthday Card

birthday card

Add a special touch to your birthday greeting style with this Quilled Birthday Card. This is a 3-fold card that gives you a real surprise the moment you open it up. Made with special paper folding technique, this card combines some interesting quilling designs to create an amusing birthday greeting card.

Monster Pop-up Card

popup card

Bring a monstrous smile to your friend’s face with this cute little Monster pop up card. This 3D Quilling Card has super cute monsters theme which pop out on opening. The quilling template provided will make it simpler and convenient to follow this self-made amazing creation.

Peacock Pop-up Card

peacock popup card

What could make a card more attractive and colourful than giving it a quilling peacock design? The pop-up element of the peacock adds to the vitality of the card. The selection of the quilling paper and the quilling technique in particular gives this card a deserving royal look.

Cake Pop-up Card

popup birthday card

What could make someone’s birthday more special than a quilled greeting card which opens up to showcase a delightful cake! The simple to follow template makes this card easy enough to make even for a beginner.

The Quilled Gift Tags

These are also a type of mini card. If you are running short of time to make a big card or just want something special to adorn a gift, these can be a great idea too!

Gift Tags Quilling Ideas

gift tags

Here are some charming cute gift tags using different quilling techniques. You can make gift tags with different quilling designs like quilling flowers, butterflies, bow, fish and duckie. What makes these specially unique is the use of a different quilling technique in each - including vortex coil, malaysian coil and a lot more.

Dangling Gift Tags

dangling gift tags

Add a touch of ethnicity to your gifts and make personalized gift tags using basic quilling shapes. You can make these gift tags using golden edge quilling paper. These quilling gift tags are in shape of elephant, parrot and traditional design.

The Craftsy Quilling Cards

Make your greeting style more glamorous as you accentuate your quilling by using special materials from various categories.

Magical New Year Card

new year card

Bring in any New Year with this magical card which will glow in the dark to reveal the New Year. What makes this card even more special is that the Glow in the Dark coils are mixed with the regular coils so in daylight you can't see anything special. But just switch off the light and you will have a fun surprise! You can also adapt this to include a secret message in the glow in the dark strips instead of the year and use this style on any occasion.

Lovely Gift Tags

gift tags

Punch Craft and quilling are two most popular crafts for kids and adults. When the two come together, it makes for an awesome combination. Make 6 lovely small quilling cards using quilling designs combined with paper punches.

As we have seen Quilling Cards can be perfect and paired with several occasions. Quilling Cards can be for occasions that range from birthdays, anniversaries or to express your love to your loved one on Valentine’s Day, the options are endless!  A quilled Ganpati for example, makes an auspicious gift for festive occasions. 

Once you enter the world of paper quilling, there is no looking back, the possibilities are endless. Check out these quilling cards and more in our projects section. Share your creations with us as #LookwhatImade on our Facebook page and make your near & dear ones feel special any day & every day!


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