8 Enchanting Ways to make your Quilling Creations Shine

 Festive season is here; everyone everywhere is rushing to find new ways to gift someone or decorate their homes in best possible way. Both the hand-made gifts and the home-made decorations would just be incomplete without a bit of sparkle. So let’s get creative this festive season and use something shining, shimmering and glittery. Explore the many many ways in which you can add that special shine to your crafting projects:

  1. Edge Strips: The beauty of quilling comes out in the vast variety of colours or quilling paper. Now, we would also love to give our quilled creations a jewel touch but without loosing the colour. For this very reason, the Quill On brings Edge strips where we combine beauty of colour and sparkling edge. Edge strips looks great in 3D and 2D quilling in tight coils and its effect looks shinier in loose coils when not expanded too much.Quilling Strips
  2. Sparkling stones: Kids love stones. Sparkling stones have a special connection with their vivid imagination. Adding stones and gems to any art and craft project helps the child get a feel of the royal splendor. The use of sparkling stones would make your quilled creations look shinning and shimmery. There's so much variety in stones that you can always find the perfect fit for any project. They come in different sizes and colours, adhesive and non-adhesive stones are also available. Sparkling Stones
  3. Metallic Strips: Metallic Quilling Strips are made of metallic quilling paper. These papers are glittery all over and have a lovely and rich metallic feel. Due to their shiny look they are instant hit among kids. You can use these quilling strips either to make coils or to make lovely borders as whole paper is metallic.Metallic Quilling Strips
  4. Glow in the Dark Quilling Strips: First time ever - Glow in the Dark Quilling Strips! These really are as exciting as they sound. Available in 5 mm and 10 mm,  the paper used is especially thicker than normal paper to increase the impact of glow. Glow time is up to 5 minutes which varies based on colour and duration of exposure to light. They can be used to make wonderful party projects – quilled carnival mask, supernatural aliens or even write a secret message.Glow in the Dark quilling Strips
  5. Glitter Foam: This is 2 mm craft foam with a full glittery side. It works very well with quilling as coils can be easily stuck on it using glue. It is a sturdier and more long lasting base as compared to paper. Glitter foam comes in attractive colours and is much easier to cut than cardboard making is a nature fit for crafts for kids.Glitter Foam
  6. Glitter Powder: Glitter Powder can be used to make nice shimmering patterns. It’s really easy to use - just apply glue and sprinkle the glitter powder. It works well with all types of surfaces like felt, foam, cardboard, wood etc. Glitter powder almost feels like magic dust to kids!.Glitter Powder
  7. Gold Outliner: This is a great medium to outline your design. It is often used as a highlighter/placeholder in the design when using glass colours. If you are making cards, book covers and scrapbooks and decorating them with quilling, you can use this 3D outliner to write your name or any message. 3D outliners are available in different colours, check out some interesting projects we have made using them like Don’t bug me Door Hanger and Antique Quilled Jharoka.3D Outliners
  8. Glitter Foam Bases: A pre-cut/made base is a great way to jump-start your quilling projects. They give you a neat finished product without the trouble to cut multiple shapes or intricate designs. The fact that they have glitter on them makes them flexibly suitable for festive projects. Explore the ranges available: Awesome 3 feet toran, Beautiful Quilling Rangoli and Elegant floating lights.Bases for Diyas

Having seen so many glittering options, we can certainly imagine the gleam in your eyes as you mind is racing away in a sparkling world of splendors! So pick your favourites and get set to give all crafts and quilling projects an unparalleled shine! Happy Quilling!

Quill On Team
Quill On Team


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