Sneak peek into the creative world of Dr. Jiji, an emerging quilling artist

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Quilling has been a passion for many worldwide. We, at Imagimake, endeavour to support and further such proponents and encourage the deployment of this wonderful art. We recently had an interaction with one such enthusiast by the name Dr. Jiji S Deepak from Kerala and here are some excerpts/highlights from the interview:

Dr. Jiji S Deepak hails from Thiruvanthapuram , Kerala and resides with family. Jiji, who is a dentist by profession, is a record holding quiller for her 101 works of paper quilling showcased at the exhibition in Thrissur in the month of June 2016. Her involvement with quilling started around four years back. Her first experiment with quilling paper was crafted as a pair of earrings. Her desire was much beyond this so after some research to her delight, she discovered that wonderful art creations were indeed possible with Quilling strips.


During her free time she would experiment with different techniques and with time she got the knack and got better at the art. For Dr. Jiji as with many, quilling is a stress reliever and helps her relax and makes her calm. Despite her hectic schedule, her passion drives her to take time out for her hobby. She quotes “I just love quilling. If you truly love something, you can manufacture time for it.”

Her husband is supportive of her hobby. She admires the work of Yulia Brodskaya and her favorite piece of her own work is “The Phoenix Bird”.  While quilling is her mainstay hobby, she also pursues other hobbies such as painting, in all of which she is self-trained.


Her prime advice for young quillers is to be patient with the skill and develop the art to progress. She states “Quilling is one art where you need to be really patient, the faster you try, the more you lose the perfection of your work. Real passion in quilling helps one drive and sustain in quilling.” 

She is of the opinion that to add further charm to quilling artwork, the same color paper should be made available in A4 size as well.  She adds “Then you could keep the same colour paper as base which can enhance the beauty of the work, as it opens much more opportunities to beautify the Quilling artwork. And also if 20 mm strips are available that would also help other quillers.”

One of her exhibitions which was held in Ernakulam displayed her biggest artwork till date which is a 5*5 feet Quilling art. (image) Dr Jiji S Deepak has entered the Universal Records Forum for making the largest number of paintings. She also won the Indian Book of records for the same achievement in the month of July. She now plans to make her mark in the Limca Book of World records.

Quilling Design

To add more beauty to her Quilling art works she uses acrylic paints, beads, shells, glitter even though conventionally only Quilling strips are used, but she has a different point of view. In her exhibition(s) she has tried her hands on all these for which she has earned a set of appreciators and also a set of critics. She says there were some who prefer only quilling on artwork and some were thrilled to see acrylics, beads and shells used as background in quilling artworks. She adds that one should keep exploring and experiment as each has a different eye and possibly catch a different perception.

She has been using quill on products in her artwork. She states “I feel very comfortable to work with Quill On products. The Super Quiller has helped me save a lot of time. The wide range of Quill on sticky back strips has given me the choice to create my desired colour palate.”

Quill On Team
Quill On Team


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Kripa Murzello
Kripa Murzello

January 21, 2017

This is a very inspiring story. I happen to be a doctor myself (Ph.D) and I love quilling. It has always been a hobby and is definitely a stress buster which teaches one patience and helps you forget your work stress for a while! Many of my friends and colleagues have been asking me to take this up seriously, but I never thought about it. Now after reading this story, I feel I should. Thank you once again for the inspiration.

Avani Shah
Avani Shah

January 16, 2017

Awesome work and true inspiration!!! Hats off to Dr. Jiji

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