earth day craft projects

Devote your summer vacation time and heighten the spirit of Environment Day celebrations with these fantastic paper quilling projects. What makes these quilling projects different is that they are made with material which is normally considered waste. Besides the resourceful and creative aspect, these projects will give you immense satisfaction of having made the best use of waste matter and be one among many proud earthlings. So get going and put your art & craft sense combined with environment consciousness to use!

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quilling in summer
Summer time is vacation time for children! Children are excited to try new things and often run up to parents saying "What can I do next?". Well, worry not, we at Quill On have identified just the perfect hobby for your child this summer. It is not only super fun but also gives your child the chance to showcase his/her creativity. It is - the fascinating world of Paper Quilling! Encourage your children explore their latent talent and widen their imaginative horizons by as they make wonderful creations through paper quilling. Read More

Paper Quilling Flowers

Paper quilling flowers and butterflies are a favourite among most craft enthusiasts. Combine that with popular punch craft designs and you will find some truly splendid designs. We have curated for you, punch designs that are specially handpicked to go beautifully well with your paper quilling ideas. Read on to know more about these different types of punches, 5 super fun techniques in which you can use them and 3 awesome project ideas! 

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Rakhi Making

Rakhi making is so much fun whether it is for a rakhi making competition in school or you are making special rakhies for your special bhaiya and bhabhi. We explored a bunch of rakhi designs and chose to use some special quilling strips - the edge strips and glow in the dark quilling paper to make our designs stand out. Read on to see more on these and to find the full instructions and free templates!

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Quilling Ideas

If you are reading this blog, then you are at some level intrigued by Paper Quilling. What makes it a perfect hobby, is the huge creative canvass it offers to create anything you can imagine. Learn more about why you should start quilling today !

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Quilling Jewellery & Accessories

Explore some cool ideas of creating gorgeous designs of Quilling accessories. With Super Quiller and a wide range of Quilling Strips, these are extremely easy to make and you can go on experimenting with new ideas and shapes to create a unique and trendy look. 


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Plane Based Quilling

Take a look at the 5 most popular quilling techniques. These techniques, varies in difficulty and application- and put together, makes quilling the most versatile art and craft system- enjoyed by everyone!


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Paper Quilling has emerged as one of the most popular creative technique in recent years. Here were explore, some of the aspects this craft form, that makes it a winner among both kids and adults

Paper Quilling Designs


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  • Get a sneak peek into the emerging world of quilling- a technique which is now universally adopted by various design and educational professionals, adverisers and artists.3D Quilling Puppets
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