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Although many individuals love quilling, some are hard core quillers, who feel passionately for what they do. They put in a lot of effort, energy and time to create intricate, jaw dropping, quilled creations. Some tend to be so fantastic, that they are awarded with entries in the Guinness World Record, Limca Book of Records, and so on. Let’s have a look at some of these records!

Here we present a collection of a few fascinating achievements in the world of paper quilling, from the largest number of handmade quilled dolls, to the longest quilled earrings; from the biggest quilling painting, to the youngest individual to be listed in the Limca book of Records, for quilling and much more!

Let’s not waste any more time, and jump right into this quilled hall of fame!


Largest Display of Handmade Paper Dolls

Amnah Al Fard, 37, won the first ever Guinness World Record in Quilling on 7 July, 2013  for quilling 1,145 dolls!

The requirement from Guinness World Records was to make 1,000 dolls, but Amnah Al Fard, put in every ounce of dedication, perseverance to create 145 dolls more, leading to a grand total of 1,145 dolls!

“Each doll approximately took three hours to complete and one whole day to dry. A total of 3,435 hours, which is two years, were spent on the project and 30,000 inches of paper and 4.5 kilograms of glue were used.”

Amna Al Fard holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration degree and is a self-taught artist from Um Al Quwain whose fascination with paper is endless!

Hats off to her patience, perseverance, dedication.

Quilled Dolls

Amnah’s passion and dedication have not gone unnoticed.

She has won various awards, over the years including:Quilled Dolls

1) The top three awards at the English Quilling Guild competition in the UK in 2010. Her Wizard of Oz collection bagged the first prize.

2) In 2011, she won the first and second prize at the North American Quilling Guild in the US for her Alice in Wonderland collection.

This is what Amna Al Fard has to say about quilling, "Everything is possible in a world made out of paper. I am able to create a world that I read about in children’s books, make it real with thin paper strips. I can be a fashion designer, a hair stylist, and even a pâtissier. And through my paper quilled creations, I display my own thoughts, and most importantly maintain self-confidence."


There are many such quilling artists, who have won awards, from our very own India! Some being housewives who have a passion for quilling, others children for whom quilling is a hobby, yet others being young adults, youth who find quilling an interesting art form.

Let’s introduce you to a few of them, and their amazing work!


Largest Quilling Artwork

Krati Agarwal, 26 of Bareilly, UP, is listed in the Limca Book of Records,

Quilling Artist for creating the largest Quilling Artwork in 2014 which is, 4 feet by 3 feet in size and 2.5 inches thick!

Her artwork titled, Aviral, took 282 hours to complete, which was done at her residence from July 20–Sept 4, 2014 and showcases a scenic view of mountains waterfalls, trees.

Besides quilling paintings, she also enjoys making quilling jewellery, envelopes and quilloghraphy nameplates. She also loves to share her passion for quilling with others and has conducted several workshops for beginner and advanced quillers.



Largest Number Of Quilling Artworks 

Dr. Jiji, who is a dentist by profession, is a record holding quiller for her 101 works of paper quilling showcased at the exhibition in Thrissur in the month of June 2016. For which she has entered the Universal Records Forum and also the Indian Book of records for the same achievement in the month of July. She now plans to make her mark in the Limca Book of World records.

One of her exhibitions which was held in Ernakulam displayed her biggest artwork till date which is a 5*5 feet Quilling art. She admires the work of Yulia Brodskaya and her favorite piece of her own work is “The Phoenix Bird”.

Dr Jiji's Creation


Maximum Number of 3D Figurines

Saradamani Pabolu of Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, created 140 3D handmade quilling figurines of different patterns and designs. Her inspiration comes for a variety of sources ranging from Indian mythology to internationally popular fantasy characters - this diversity in her 3D quilling speaks volumes of the level of her skill in this field as each figure has to be conceptualized from scratch. From concept to execution is a journey in itself - the shapes, structure and colours have to be given special attention to ensure that the final product looks gorgeous and stays true to the character it resembles. Figurines like Lord Ganesha, Japanese dolls, as well as cartoon characters including Doraemon, Mickey Mouse, Batman, etc., are a part of her repertoire. 

This monumental achievement was recorded on April 6, 2016 and led to her work to be listed in the Indian Book of Records!

3D Quilling


Longest Quilled Jewellery Set 

Vijitha Retheesh of Ernakulam, Kerala made a jewellery set Quilled Jewelleryconsisting of a 50 feet long necklace and 2.5 feet long earrings, by quilling within a month, all done by hand! The sheer enormity of this work is fascinating and has earned her an entry in the Universal Records Forum.

The material used, is waste cardboard boxes, and for decorating the set, orange and gold acrylic paint, sequins and small wooden beads were used. In a setting where most quilling artists tend to prefer delicacy of 3 mm quilling strips (in fact we have got tons of requests to supply our full range in even thinner strips) and tiny coils, it is amazing that this quilling artist chose to think outside the box, think big, really BIG and got herself featured in the World Records! 


Most Handmade Dolls

Wondering that this category is being repeated, well, you are right, except this time this feat was accomplished by 13 years old Shyama Harihar of Chennai! She has made 35 dolls using quilling as on June 30, 2015. The smallest being 2 cm tall and the largest is 10 cm tall leading her to be listed in the Limca Book of Records!

Quilled DollsShyama is a young artist with a strong determination:  “I learned basic quilling through some videos on YouTube and then used my own imagination to make miniature cartoon characters like Doremon, Smurfs and Mickey Mouse". Besides the dolls, she also enjoys making quilling jewellery.

In spite of being the youngest one to hold such a world record, the journey for Shyama has just begun. She now wishes to set a new record by quilling a doll larger than life!



And the list can go on!

You too can be another Shamya Harihar, who at just 13 has earned a listing in the Limca Book of Records. Or like Dr. Jiji Deepak whose passion for quilling led her to organizing an entire exhibition, displaying her 101 works. Or try one humongous quilling painting, and hang it at home with pride, or in Guinness Record holder, Amnah’s own words,"You can be a fashion designer, a hair stylist, and even a pâtissier."


You may think this task as impossible, but with a pinch of imagination a loads of determination - anything can be made possible. Whether it is a world record or just a personal one, we are sure that the experience will be a rewarding one. Allow us to be one little help in this journey and offer you some interesting tools and supplies as you explore this fascinating world of creativity! 

So come on, let's get started!



Quill On Team
Quill On Team


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December 23, 2019

Its true inspiration by every one. i had made quilling picture frame upto 4 feet tall.


December 23, 2019

its true inspiration. i had made wall frame upto 4 feet tall

Monika Yadav
Monika Yadav

April 18, 2018

I have made India’s largest artwork with quills. It is hexagon shape with diameter of 5.33 feet. It is almost double the size of Dr. Jiji’s artwork.

Neha patel
Neha patel

March 20, 2017

Verry nice

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