Crimping Buddy - Blue

  1. This attachment works only with Super Quiller (Super Quiller needs to be purchased separately)
  2. A fun and useful attachment for your Super Quiller - to help you Crimp in a Blink
  3. Useful for all Quilling projects - from making Quilling cards to jewellery or any other project
  4. Can crimp paper up to 10 mm wide
  5. Crimping has a high power action and requires a fresh pair/high power batteries (these should be able to crimp up to 200 strips of 5 mm)
  6. Crimp multiple times for deeper effect
  7. Do check out the video user guide alongside for details on how to use it and for a quick glimpse of exciting crimped creations you can make
  8. Now get 100 free quilling strips of 5 mm each when you place an order!

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Product Description

Contains :
1 Crimping Tool

1 Pinion

Dimensions: 4.7 inch x 6 inch x 3 inch

Weight: 100 gms

Detailed Description

Introducing the Crimping Buddy – the 1st attachment of the Super Quiller! This product pack contains the Crimping Buddy attachment, the Super Quiller needs to be purchased separately. You can also use the Crimping Buddy with your existing Super Quiller.

To use this, just remove the slotted tool attachment from your Super Quiller and screw in the pinion in its place. Then fix the crimping attachment and make sure you hear the 'click' sound (which indicates a good fit). Insert the quilling strip from the right of the crimping attachment and press the button – the strip will be crimped in a blink of an eye! The Crimping Buddy has a high power action that requires fresh pair/high power batteries. In our experience these can crimp up to 200 strips of 5 mm quilling paper (of average thickness)! We encourage you to view the Crimping Buddy video user guide linked in the photo section above to get a full idea of how this product works.

You can also increase the depth of crimping effect by crimping the same strip multiple times. Crimped Strips are used extensively in all forms of quilling projects be it quilling cards, photo frames, nameplates or jewelry and gives a distinct look to your creation. So get ready to Crimp, Quill and say “Look, What I Made!”

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