Elegant Floating Lights

Quilling diya

Want to light up your home with some elegant festive lights? Here we have for you an excellent quilling idea which will give your room decor a traditional touch - we have made fish like floating candles in designs of quilling diyas using the paper quilling technique. These floating lights are easy to make using quilling basic shapes. So what are you waiting for? You just have to grab your Super Quiller, gather all the materials needed right from here and by following the quilling tutorials lets get started making these Elegant Floating Lights.  

Difficulty Level: Basic || Estimated Time: 1.5 - 2 hours || Quiller: Shraddha Chawathe

                                       Quilling Design          Basic Quilling Shapes                         

                                       Quilling Design          Quilling floating lights

Products you will need:

1 Elegant Floating Lights- Quilling DIY || 1 Super Quiller || 1 Craftsy Quilling Board || 1 Parrot Green - 5 mm || 1 Sunset Yellow - 5 mm || 1 Island Blue - 5 mm || 1 Sunshine Yellow - 5 mm || 1 Quilling Glue Tip || 1 Fevicol