Lucky Stars in a Bottle

Quilling 3D Stars

These cute little origami stars are sure to bring you tons of good luck! Make these 3D stars from 10 mm quilling paper by simply making a few folds. The free picture template and the video make it really easy and fun to make these stars. Use attractive colours of the quilling paper to make fun combinations of the stars. We chose to fill them up in these attractively shaped bottles and make ourselves some lovely pieces of art!


Difficulty Level: Beginner || Estimated Time: 3 hours || Quiller: Prajakta Dhage

Click play to watch the video tutorial for this paper quilling project:

Products you will need:

1 Lucky Stars Template  || 1 Curvy Bottle || 1 Thin Bottle  || 2 Signature Collection - 12 Colours - 10 mm || 1 Lime Green - 10 mm