My Quilled Family

My Family 

Quilling is such a versatile craft! Let’s make some unique Family frame. One of the most common topics a child draws is - ‘My Family’. Just imagine if a child were to do that today and add a bit of quilling to it, how would it look like in today’s situation the new family reunion, family tree, family portrait? Maybe in the form of an online meeting? Sometimes we think that virtual or digital connect just does not hold a candle to the real thing. But when distances are large or a pandemic strikes, the important thing is that the warmth and love and bond of family is so strong, that it prevails and any way to connect becomes a great way to connect. Just grab your Super Quiller and few strips of paper and turn a new spin on your awesome Family tree!


Products you will need:

1 Super Quiller || 1 Signature Collection 12 colours - 5 mm || 1 Quilling Glue Tip || 1 Fevicol