Paper Quilling Calendar

Quilling Animals

A calendar is one of the most steadfast friends of a child's desk. How about having the calendar showcase their creative talent as well? The style here involves using a quilling frame for the calendar template. Of all the designs we can imagine for quilling frames, we liked the quilling animals idea the most for a kid’s room cause kids love animals!

Difficulty Level: Basic || Estimated Time: 1-1.5 hours || Quiller: Chaitali Neve

Let's Get Started:

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Products you will need:

1 Quilling Animals Template || 1 - 2016 Calendar Template || 1 Super Quiller || 1 Craftsy Quilling Board || 1 Signature Collection Quilling Strips - 5 mm || 1 Tones of Brown Quilling Strips - 5 mm || 1 Tones of Grey Quilling Strips - 5 mm || 1 Fevicol

Other items you will need:

  • Assorted Craft Papers
  • OHP Sheet
  • Scissors
  • Googly Eyes