Physiographical Map Of India

Physical Map Of India

Paper Quilling can be a great school activity. Not just in art and craft class but also to use in school projects to give them a whole new definition. This is a DIY school project idea for kids to showcase the Physical features of our great nation in a truly unique way using paper quilling. Download the free template and watch the detailed step by step video instructions to make the project really easy and super fun! Create the mountain ranges, plateau, plains and more. Geography gets a special new look with this 3D quilling project. 

display of India’s mountains, plateau, plains and more. Geography made more fun with this special 3D quilling project.

Difficulty Level: Advanced || Estimated Time: 1 - 2 hours || Quiller: Veda Borgave


Products you will need:

1 Physiographical Map Of India Tracking Template || 1 Physiographical Map Of India Quilling Template || 1 Super Quiller || 1 Craftsy Quilling Board || 1 Quilling Mould || 1 Tones of Brown - 10 mm || 1 Snowflake White - 10 mm || 1 Forest Green - 3 mm || Parrot Green - 3 mm || 1 Quilling Glue Tip || 1 Fevicol

Other items you will need:

  • Canvas Board 12” X 16”
  • Carbon Paper
  • Coloured Sand
  • Glass Colour
  • 3D Liner
  • Pencil