Quilled Alphabets

Quilled Alphabets

Here's a great project with paper quilling for kids, why not make some Quilled Letters ourselves to give a unique look to our handmade cards. Here we have an adorable Quilling alphabet which is very easy to make. Just make these beautiful letters and surprise your friends with the handmade card which has their Name written on it with Quilled Alphabets. Unique Quilling designs are always a treat to watch, so what are you waiting for? Just grab your Super Quiller and take few quilling strips to turn it into mesmerizing designs. You can also check our other project Easy Quilling Letters for your reference.



Products you will need:

1 Super Quiller || 1 Signature Collection - 12 Colours - 5 mm || 1 Quilling Glue Tip || 1 Fevicol