Quilling Glue Tip

1.  Quilling Glue Tip is perfect for applying precise amount of glue or other liquids to help keep your quilling coils neat and stick your quilling designs perfectly

2. This fine tip glue bottle holds approximately 10 ml of liquid and is made of soft plastic that is easy to squeeze

3. Glue bottle height: 3 inch

4. It has a soft plastic cap for the tip to save the glue from drying

5. Please note that this bottle does not come with glue, but works with most types/brands of liquid glue. So feel free to fill it and re-fill it as many times as you like


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Product Description

1 Quilling Glue Tip

Dimensions: 3 inch height, holds 10 ml glue

Weight: 100 gms

Detailed Description

This Quilling Glue Tip is just perfect for craft lovers. This glue applicator bottle is a must have for all quillers as it helps in applying a precise amount of glue. It has a soft plastic body that is easy to squeeze and a soft cap for the metal nozzle to help keep the glue from drying.

The bottle does not come with glue but can be used with most types of liquid glues or even other liquid craft mediums. It is washable and we can fill it and re-fill it as many times as we like.

The precision tip makes it really easy to apply just the right amount of glue in the perfect spot – this helps keep our quilling coils neat and beautiful. It also makes it much easier to apply glue in those hard to reach spots in an intricate quilling design.

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