Starter's Quilling Kit

  •  If you always had an inclination towards paper Quilling and wanted to learn it but didn’t know from where to start, here's a one stop solution for all your Quilling needs, a complete set for 2D and 3D Quilling
  • The quilling starters kit includes our patent pending multifunction quilling tool- Super Quiller, along with other must have tools such as Quilling Board, Tweezer, Sticky-back Quilling strips
  • It is an ideal gift for craft lovers, beginners and Quillers who want to explore the world of Quilling
  • Makes Quilling extremely easy and simple through use of innovative tools and pre glued sticky edge
  • Free gift wrapping available. (Note: the colors may vary)

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Product Description

1 Super Quiller tool
1 Slotted tool attachment
1 Easy Coiling Disk
1 Jumbo Coiling Disk
1 Quilling Board
1 Pack of 3mm Strips
1 Pack of 5mm Strips
1pack of 10mm Strips
Weight: 890 gms

Detailed Description

Have you always had an inclination for quilling but didn't know where to start? Well, here is a starter's quilling kit with all the necessary ingredients to make an enchanting project. Below are the wonderful items that come in the kit.

EASY COILING DISC: Start by using Easy Coiling Disc if you are beginner. The Easy Coiling Disc helps you to make coils in jiffy; all you have to do is insert the paper in the slot and press the button, n makes coils with just one hand. You can coil up to 2-3 strips using the Easy coiling disc.

JUMBO COILING DISK: Worlds First Automated Multifunctional Quilling tool that makes your quilling simple and easier. All you need to do is just insert the Quilling Strips in the slotted tool and press the button to coil, and your coil is ready in just fraction of a second. You can coil up to 20 strips of 10 mm using the Super Quiller making it very useful for 3D quilling as well.

CRAFTSY QUILLING BOARD: The quilling board is an important quilling tool when you want to make wings of your butterfly or petals of the same size, your quilling coils will be neater and your artwork will be more perfect. Each circle has a code from A to H arranged in size order, to help you expand the coil.

TWEEZER: Tweezer is the most commonly used tool and used to perform multiple functions such as - Pressing the coil after gluing - Pinching and twisting the coil to create different shapes from the expanded circular coil - Handling of thinner 3 mm quilling paper coils - Removing the coil from Quilling Board, Comb and Border Buddy - Placing the coil in right position in your design.

QUILLING STRIPS: First time ever sticky back quilling strips comes with sticky edges, to make your work easy, just peel the sticker and shut your coil. The strips are of uniform size and thickness and the strips do not fade away with time too unlike other strips available in market.

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