Santa with a Gift!

Santa Claus Craft

Christmas crafts are a special pleasure for the kids! In this fun filled activity they can make their own favourite Christmas character - Santa Claus. This Santa even has a hand that moves, so if you pull on his hand a gift pops up! The foam cut pieces make it easy to assemble this 8 inch tall Santa and the Super Quiller makes the quilling super fun. The full video instructions guides the kids in a simple step by stem manner so they can enjoy making their Santa all on their own.  So get creative this Christmas and give your Christmas Decorations a special touch!

 Difficulty Level: Beginner || Estimated Time: 1 hour || Quiller: Chaitali Neve


Click play to watch the video tutorial for this paper quilling project:

Products you will need:

1 Santa with a Gift Template || 1 Super Quiller || 1 Make your own Santa set || 1 Craftsy Quilling Board || 1 Strawberry Red - 5 mm || 1 Snowflake White - 5 mm || 1 Midnight Black - 5 mm || 1 Fevicol