World of Paper Quilling

  1.  Bring out your imagination and creativity with this unique Quilling kit
  2. Learn Quilling art in just 7 simple stages through 120 pages Quilling book- from tight coils and loose coils to 3D Quilling
  3. Dive into the idea gallery and explore the versatility of quilling through the 20 projects ranging from Quilling cards and friendship bands to spinning tops and fantasy finger puppets
  4. This Quilling kit comes with 4 Quilling tools: Super Quiller- Worlds first automated multifunction Quilling Tool, Easy Coiling Disk and Jumbo Coiling Disk replaceable attachment to be used with Super Quiller, a Quilling Board and a Quilling Mould, Also includes 550 Quilling strips and googly eyes
  5. Discover an unparalleled way to create, play and enjoy - cause Making makes us Happy!
  6. CREATETOGETHER: We bring to you an online interactive platform to Inspire Imagination and Creative Development of your child! Now unlock a galore of techniques, new ideas & fun DIY Projects with our Art Experts. Click here to know more about the 'Master the Art of Paper Quilling' program that includes this award winning product and 8 Interactive Online Sessions. Click here to know more about the programs

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Product Description

Contains :
1 Super Quiller – Automated Quilling Tool
1 Easy Coiling Disk
1 Jumbo Coiling Disk
1 Quilling Book
1 Quilling Mould
1 Quilling Board
1 Super Quiller Cap
550 Quilling Strips
Assorted Googly Eyes

Dimensions: 32 cm x 28 cm x 5.5 cm

Weight: 1200 gms

Detailed Description

The World of Paper Quilling set makes it simple help you learn and master the Quilling technique in 7 simple stages. It’s a must have kit for every craft enthusiast - both children and adult to help them discover the fascinating World of Paper Quilling. This set comes with specially design 120 pages book that take you through the technique of Quilling in a step by step manner- Starting with basic how to make simple tight coils to make various complex shapes such as tight & loses coils, geometric shapes, irregular shapes, 3D quilling planes & poles and scrolls & folds and also you can make 3D models finger puppet, greeting and many more things. This exciting set comes with innovative and user friendly tools:

Super Quiller: Worlds First Automated Multifunctional Quilling tool that makes your quilling simple and easier. All you need to do is just insert the Quilling Strips in the slotted tool and press the button to coil, and your coil is ready in just fraction of a second. This Super Quiller comes along with attachments- Easy coiling disk and Jumbo coiling disk.

Quilling Board: The Board is designed to expand the coils in 8 different sizes arranged in size order - gives you precise shapes and more flexibility in your designs.

Quilling Mould: Be it a super hero or a finger puppet or a Jhumka, make all your 3D paper quilling objects with this unique quilling mould, it has 12 different sizes of circular mould and 6 towers shape for finger puppets.

Quilling Strip: First time ever sticky back quilling strips comes with sticky edges, to make your work easy, just peel the sticker and shut your coil.

Idea gallery: Get started with the quilling book that takes you step by step through learning the different stages of quilling art. Learn to make tight coils and loose coils then go on to learning more than 20 shapes of paper quilling. Next up is 3D quilling in 2 different styles – first, domes and cones and then planes and poles.

So enjoy the moment of quilling with World of Paper Quilling Kit.

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