The Amazing Beaded Abacus

The amazing Beaded Abacus

Wondering how to make an abacus? Here we have a fun-tastic school project - The Amazing Beaded Abacus which kids will love as they can make an impressive impression in school with this school project or even do as a great rainy day activity. We have used Beading technique to create paper beads to use in this abacus. Let's start making these magnificent beads using the Super Quiller & Beading Buddy and have a fun time learning the Maths with the help of our very own hand made Abacus.

Difficulty Level: Advanced || Estimated Time: 2 hours || Quiller: Mrinmayi Mukherji

Let's Get Started:

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Products you will need:

1 The Amazing Beaded Abacus Cutting Template || 1 The Amazing Beaded Abacus Beads Template || 1 Super Quiller || 1 Beading Buddy || 1 Cool Blue -  Round ||  1 Retro - Round || 1 African - Round || 1 Heritage - Round || 1 Quilling Glue Tip || 1 Fevicol