Quill On - A creative play system based on Paper Quilling technique

Our Philosophy

Each of us loves to create! From a scary monster box, to the prettiest doll; a super solar system project or that personalized photo frame for mom; our vivid imaginations provide an endless stream of awesome ideas. The desire to make is exciting, the creative process of making takes both the left and right brains on a journey of a lifetime; and the accomplishment of self-expression is invigorating. One of the key ingredients is the right set of tools. But even more important – is to encourage and appreciate – that is where we need your lead. So, let’s create – for there is nothing quite like it – each creation is unique and the pride and joy of having created is unparalleled!

Quill On - An innovative creative play system

Imagimake brings to you a unique creative play system based on the technique of quilling that would help your children to create anything from their imagination. Quilling Art is an extremely interesting and creative skill and Quill On makes it a lot more fun and easy. The play system comprises of Automated Quilling tools, one of the largest assortment of quilling strips and a wide range of Quilling project ideas to explore.

What Makes Quill On better?

Key Components of the Quill On Play System:


Super Quiller



Quill On brings to you the fastest and easiest way to quill, with its innovative and patented Super Quiller. An automated multipurpose paper quilling tool, Super Quiller can create a coil in a matter of seconds, so now you can focus more on creating new and interesting quilling designs rather than boring coiling!

What makes Super Quiller even more exciting are the set of attachments that can fit on top of the same quilling tool. The attachments- Crimping buddy, Beading buddy fit on top of the same Super Quiller tool and can help perform multiple fun tasks from the same tool. We are also working on creating more such fun attachments that can help you in this creative journey.


Quilling Strips




Quill On also gives you access to one of the largest collection of Quilling paper on earth- with more than 50 vibrant colors, that have been carefully developed to enhance your creations.

For the 1st time ever- we introduce Sticky Back Quilling Strips. The paper comes with peel and stick edge, so you can do away with messy gluing. It’s something that also makes Quilling a lot easier for the child.

We also bring to you various exciting options in quilling strips such as glow in the dark, corrugated, shaded, touch of gold to help you quill anything that you desire- be it quilled box or quilling earrings, a photo frame or quilling card

Fun Projects & Ideas


Our team of quilling experts and designers are working incessantly to bring you interesting and unique quilling ideas. Not only can you look for inspiration, but you can also buy all the quilling supplies and other accessories that go in making a particular project, from our webstore. For the young aspiring quillers- we are also coming up with a series of ‘How to do paper Quilling’ videos and tutorials.

So Explore, Create and get ready to Say – “Look, What I made!”