Super Quiller FAQs

Ever since Quill On TM  launch, the response has been overwhelming! We have got quite a few curious questions about the Super Quiller TM- multifunction automated quilling tool, a patented product of Imagimake.

Quill On has been designed to make Quilling a lot more fun and easy for everyone, and it is our continuous endeavour to enhance your creative journey. We have tried to answer most of the questions that you may have about the Super Quiller right here. However, if you need further clarification you can reach us in any of the following ways:

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is Super Quiller?
    • Super Quiller is an innovative battery operated tool which automates the process of making coils. The tool can also be used to perform multiple functions such as beading and crimping with the help of the attachments – which need to be purchased separately.
  •  What are the advantages of Super Quiller?
    • Saves Time - With Super Quiller you can make coils in the blink of an eye. As a quiller, you may end up making 100’s of coils of quilling paper, for making a single project or design. Typically more than half of the time of a quiller goes in the mundane task of making coils, because of which, some may ever end up losing interest. With Super Quiller, you can make all the coils you need in a span of a few minutes, so you can spend more time on the fun and creative aspect of quilling.
    • Makes 3D Quilling Easier - Super Quiller is extremely useful for 3D quilling. With this tool, you can make a coil of up to 10 strips in one go (when used with Quill On strips and well charged batteries).
    • Do More with the Attachments - Super Quiller is an ultimate craft tool which can help you in other aspects of quilling and crafting through its attachments (such as crimping and beading).
  • How do we use super quiller?
    • Here’s a user guide video to take you through how to use the Super Quiller: 


  • Which battery is used in the tool? Is the battery included in the pack? How long does the battery last?
    • The Super Quiller can work with any AA battery. For best results, we recommend Duracell. A good battery provides more power to the motor and that becomes important when you are using a thicker paper or in case of 3D quilling.
    • Batteries are not included in the pack and have to be bought separately. We also have rechargeable batteries available on our website which work well with the Super Quiller.
    • Well, the life of the battery entirely depends upon the quality of the battery you are using and your usage pattern. For regular quillers, we recommend rechargeable batteries.
  •  What is the replacement or return policy?
    • In case of any technical problem or defect in the piece, we offer unconditional replacement to customers so long as the defect is noted and reported within 3 months of the date of purchase. For our records, we need the customers to share a picture/video of the tool highlighting the defect.
    • A customer can claim unconditional replacement for the tool within 15 days of receiving it (A proof of date of purchase such as an invoice may need to be provided, in case the same is bought from local shop).
    • Return or cancellation policy is same as for other products on the website. Please refer the same for details.
  • What if I lose a component or break a component of the Super Quiller?
    • Certain components such as Disc, Lid, Slotted Tool (with metal knob), battery cover, are available as spares on our website.
    • In case of any breakage or damage within first 3 months of purchase, we offer free replacement of the component (please note replacement provided is only of the component and not of the entire tool. For tool replacement policy please refer the question above)
    • If you need these components more than 3 months after purchasing the product, , they can be purchased from our website for Rs. 49 each. For further details on this you can get in touch with our customer service team through any of the above mentioned channels.
  • Will the Super Quiller work with all types of paper?
    • So far we haven’t found any quilling strips which don’t work with the Super Quiller. Based on our test results, the Super Quiller works with all Quill On strips and most of the strips available in the market.
    • Typical paper used for Quilling is in the range of 80-120 gsm weight. So any paper in that range should work with Super Quiller.
    • The challenge is that, the type of paper used is not always specified on quilling strips and hence it becomes difficult to gauge the weight of the paper for most of us. Hence, for optimum performance we recommend you use Quill On strips.
  • How many strips can it coil at a time?
    • You can make a coil of up to 10 strips in one go (when used with Quill On strips and well charged batteries).
  • Are attachments also included in the pack?
    • The Crimping and Beading attachment are not included in the pack. Both the attachments are yet to be launched and will be available separately after the launch. The same is expected to be launched by end of Dec-15 or early Jan-16. We will update the same on our website and other channels as soon as it is available.