Back to School Quilling Kit

  1. Make back to school super fun with this Back to School Quilling Kit
  2. It comes with amazing quilling tools: Super Quiller, Crimping Buddy, Quilling MouldQuilling Board and 1100 Quilling Strips
  3. Create 10 quilling projects! Quilled Animal Bookmarks, a wonderful Windmill Book Cover, a beautiful Penstand, cute Creative Magnets, lovely Goodies for Friends, enchanting Amazing Maze, Funny Face Pencil Toppers, the perfect Timetable, attractive Spinning Tops, Super-Bot Robot Nameplate, and Easy Quilling Letters!
  4. This quilling kit also comes with a diverse set of supplies including regular ice cream sticks and craft sticks, craft foam sheets, magnets and googly eyes to make things more and more fun
  5. Extra material provided to help you also explore your own creative ideas

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Product Description

Contains :
1 Super Quiller – Quilling Tool
1 Crimping Buddy – Crimping Tool
1 Quilling Board – Sizing Tool
1 Quilling Mould – Shaping Tool
1 Colour Splendor – 1100 Quilling Strips in 44 colours
1 Packet Ice-cream Sticks – Regular
1 Packet Craft Sticks – Coloured
1 Packet Craft Foam – 10 sheets of assorted colours
Magnets and Googly Eyes
11 Project Templates: Robot Template, Peeping Bookmarks Template, Windmill Book Cover Template, Quilled Creative Magnets Template, Colourful Desk Mate Template, Goodies for Friends Template, Funny Face Pencil Toppers Template, TimeTable Template, Spinning Tops Template, Amazing Maze Template and Easy Quilling Letters Template

Weight: 1000 gm

Detailed Description

Quill On brings to you a fun filled creative do-it-yourself kit to help your child inspire their imagination and creativity.

The Super Quiller helps you make coils in a jiffy, so that you can spend more time creating the fun projects. The Crimping Buddy fits right on to your Super Quiller to give a crimped effect to the quilling strips which can then be used to make coils. The Quilling Mould makes the process of creating domes of different shapes a lot more easier. Using the board helps to make the coils in the perfect size!

Based on the technique of quilling the kit comes with some awesome project templates that can help your child create Quilled Animal Bookmarks, Windmill Book Cover, Colourful Penstand, Quilled Creative Magnets, Goodies for Friends, an Amazing Maze, Funny Face Pencil Toppers, sturdy Quilled Timetable, Spinning Tops, Easy Quilled Letters, and Robot Nameplate. Each project has detailed pictorial instructions available on our website to help your child create these wonderful crafts! While this quilling kit has the Robot Nameplate, there is also variation in the theme available on our store which the girls can rejoice and make their own Princess Nameplate.

The pack comes with a Colour Splendor pack of 1100 quilling strips in 44 colours so that the child can use their creativity freely and select the colours of their choice for the projects rather than just go by the suggested colours.

The Back to School Quilling Kit has an exciting range of base materials and project supplies from assorted coloured craft foam, regular icecream sticks and coloured craft sticks to cute googly eyes and magnets to make your projects look more extravagant!

So what are you waiting for? Order now and get creative with this Back to School Quilling Kit! Happy Quilling!

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