Craftsy Quilling Board

1. Especially crafted Quilling board to help you easily peel and stick the Quilling paper
2. Designed to expand the coils in 8 different sizes arranged in size order - gives you precise shapes and more flexibility in your designs
3. Standardized codes to help you use it with Quilling projects listed on our website

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Product Description

1 Quilling Board

Dimensions: 130mm x 220mm

Weight:75 gms

Detailed Description

Our especially designed quilling board is aimed to help you easily use the sticky back quilling strips. The board comes with 8 sizes of coils which can help you expand the coil in the desired size.

After expanding the coil the sticky back portion of the paper comes out from the slot provided in the circle which helps you to easily remove the silicon tape on top of the glue. After removing the tape, just rotate the coil in the circle and voila. Your coil is ready. You don't have to remove the coil from the circle till it is glued so that your coil does not loose its shape.

Each circle has a code from A to H arranged in size order, to help you expand the coil in the desired size. These standard codes are also used in all our quilling projects - so it becomes easier to follow the instructions and get precise designs.

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