Super Quiller & Buddies - Pink

1.World’s first motorized multifunction quilling tool that  Makes Quilling a lot more fun, easy and exciting for children, draws out the creative angle in them.                   

2. This all in one quilling tool performs 4 different functions from same tool just by replacing the attachments- Can be used for Basic Quilling,  3D Quilling, Bead making  and Crimping.

3. With this automated quilling tool you can make coils of the quilling strips in a flash and devote more time to exploring creative design of paper quilling, crimping and beading, which makes it perfect for beginners to start quilling as well as experts to make intricate designs as it can coil up to 20 strips of 10 mm  (with fresh pair of AA batteries)

4. Pack comes with a super quiller, and 4 attachments ie easy coiling disk (for starters) jumbo coiling disk (for 3D quilling),beader (for paper bead making),crimper(for crimping a zig-zag patter to strips), 200 multi-colored Quilling Strips, 75 customized Beading Strips and a Quilling Sizing Board to get you started.

5. Available in 2 colour options: Pink & Blue

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Product Description

1 Super Quiller Tool
1 Slotted Tool Attachment
1 Easy Coiling Disk
1 Disk
1 Crimping Buddy
1 Beading Buddy
2 Pinions

Dimensions: 8 in x 11 in x 3 in

Weight: 500 gms

Detailed Description

The Super Quiller is the World’s first Multi-function Quilling Tool and its buddies are the attachments – Crimping Buddy and Beading Buddy.

This product allows the user to coil, crimp and make beads in the blink of an eye! With the replaceable attachment system, the same tool can be used to do these multiple functions by just replacing the attachment. This toy is available in two color combinations: Pink & Green and Blue & Green.

The Super Quiller can easily make coils of 20 strips of up to 10 mm width in one go (with a fresh pair of batteries) making 3D quilling less tedious and more fun. Now make all the quilling jhumkas, 3D dolls, animals and a lot more from your imagination.

The pictorial user guide booklet that comes with the product will guide to easily use the tools and also provide ideas for quilling. Use the booklet to understand how to change the attachments and remember – the high power action of the attachments may need stronger batteries. In our experience a pair of fresh/high power batteries can crimp up to 200 strips (of 5 mm) or make 200 beads.

Your free-play creative adventure begins with the press of a button on the super quiller and the final creation will further your pride and make you squeal “Look what I made!”

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