Peacock - Mega Pack

  1. First time ever – Ready to bead beading strips to make paper beads of different shapes and sizes
  2. This Mega Pack comes with the complete assortment of shapes and sizes - 18 different variations across round, cone and cylindrical beads
  3. The Peacock theme comes with feather prints & elegant textures of royal blue & shaded hues of blue & green highlighting the grandeur & magnificence of this design
  4. Pre-cut beading strips that can be curled up into beads with the Beading Buddy
  5. Make 360 beads from this Peacock Theme Mega Pack with 20 strips in each of the 18 variations
  6. Beading strips are 200 mm long and vary from 10 mm to 25 mm in height
  7. The designs are attractive and thematically coloured to make splendid beads which can be weaved in to make royal jewellery & lovely beaded projects

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Product Description

Contains :
360 Strips

Dimensions: 11.75 inch x 5.75 inch

Weight: 100 gms

Detailed Description

Making paper beads just got easier & fun with Quill On beading strips. The designs are attractive and colourful to make splendid beads which can be weaved in to make beautiful jewellery, accessories, handbags & many other paper crafts.

With the Mega Pack you can have a super fun-filled experience of making 360 beautiful paper beads. The beading strips have assorted designs so you’re not left in want for variety. It comes with 6 different print patterns & 18 different cutting styles - rounded, cylindrical & conical shapes. There are 20 strips of each of these styles so that you can make an ethnic jewellery piece with beads of the same design. These prints are in the Peacock theme with feather prints & elegant textures of royal blue & shaded hues of blue & green which shall definitely appeal to craft enthusiasts. The prints are complementary and blend beautifully into creations to give a uniform look.

The length of each beading strip is 200 mm. The height varies from 10 mm to 25 mm and is denoted by h1, h2, h3 & h4 (in increasing order) on the strips. Each strip has the shape of the bead printed on the strip itself so that you can easily select which beading strip to use for which bead.

These beading strips work with the Beading Buddy, which forms an attachment with the Super Quiller (Beading Buddy & Super Quiller need to be purchased separately). The Beading Buddy allows the user to make fascinating paper beads in a flash. What’s more, you can control the speed with the button of the Super Quiller and modify the shape of the bead by adjusting the plunger on the Beading Buddy attachment while making the bead. Make the beads glossier & more attractive by applying a coat of varnish. These beading strips are useful for all kind of beading projects - from making jewellery, handbags and coasters to dozens of other crafts.

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