Quilling Fringer

1. Use this fringing tool to make quilled fringing flowers, fringing grass and a lot lot more cute fringed creations!

2. This advanced quillng tool is ideal for experienced quillers. It can help you explore a new style of quilling - with fringed quilling paper.

3. Handle the tool with care and follow the instructions in the video to get uniform and fine fringing

4. This fringing tool is meant to be used with 10 mm quilling paper 

5. This fringing machine measures about 3 inches in length, has a plastic body with certain metal parts such as the blade, feed, etc.


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Product Description

Contains :
1 Paper Quilling Fringing Machine
5 Wooden Sticks

Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 inch

Weight: 500 gm

Detailed Description

Fringing is an interesting and very popular technique used in paper quilling. By coiling a fringed strip into a tight coil and then ruffling the fringing cuts a beautiful quilling design can be made. This quilling design looks great in quilling flowers, grass, borders and even cute little quilling animals.

While this quilling design is delightful, sitting with a single quilling strip and a simple scissor and making each cut for the fringing can be quite a tedious task! So say hello to the Quilling Fringer! With this quilling fringer you can make the cuts more easily and more evenly. This is however an advanced tool and it should be used with patience and care. We strongly advise you to view the video tutorial thoroughly and take good care of your fringing tool to get the best results from it.

This fringing machine is about 3 inches in length and is meant to be used with 10 mm quilling strips of up to 150 GSM paper. It has a plastic body and certain metal parts such as the blade, feed, clasp, etc. It also comes with 5 wooden sticks that help you feed the paper completely into the tool.

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