Splendid Jewellery Studio

  1. Time to glam up in a funky, colourful & creative style! This creative toy comes in a jumbo box and is all set for fun playtime
  2. Splendid Jewellery Studio is a complete jewellery making kit which has all the material to create bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hair clips, hairbands, anklets and even a belt
  3. Start off by learning how to make paper beads using the Super Quiller and the Beading Buddy, go on to trying out a bit of 3D quilling and make tons of accessories from your imagination
  4. This quilling kit comes with 4 quilling tools: Super Quiller, Beading Buddy, a Quilling Board and a Quilling Mould
  5. Get creative with the 500 Quilling strips with 350+ beading strips of 20 patterns in 6 different shapes. You can also take inspiration from the idea book with 20+ designs
  6. This jewellery making kit is an excellent gift for young girls in your friends or family
  7. Suitable for children who are bubbling with creativity and above 7 years of age
  8. Extra materials provided help to explore your own creative ideas

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Product Description

Contents :
1 Super Quiller Pink
1 Beading Buddy Pink
1 Quilling Mould
1 Quilling Board
350+ Beading Strips
500 Quill On Strips
Drying Board
6 Hair clips
1 Hair Band
400+ Colourful Beads
Assorted Threads & Ribbons
Earring Hooks, Jump Rings & Necklace Hooks
Instructions & Idea Book with 20+ designs

Dimensions: 21 inch x 12 inch x 3 inch

Weight: 1200 gms

Detailed Description

Quilling & Jewellery Making – two great passions of a creative young girls come together in this exciting DIY kit. With Super Quiller – World’s 1st Automated Multifunction Quilling Tool, the DIY crafts in this kit become even more fun & easy. While the Idea Book is a great place for the novice to start, the variety and enormity of tools and supplies are sufficient to satisfy the creative appetite of even the most avid crafters.

Just choose from the vibrant colours of the quilling strip and use the Super Quiller to coil it up in the blink of an eye. Either use the Quilling Board to expand it to the perfect size or make multi-strip coils and expand them on the Quilling Mould while taking a dive into the world of 3D quilling. This kit comes with 350+ beading strips spread across 6 different bead shapes and more than 20 print designs. The Beading Buddy attachment makes it easy to make all the paper beads.

Once you have the beads and coils ready, choose from the tons of colour options in the threads, ribbons and wooden beads provided to make the perfect combination. The hooks and clasps help hold your accessories together. Use the Idea Book as a launch pad to explore interesting designs of quilling earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, hair clips, hairbands or even a belt!

The kit is set up as fancy DIY studio with a nifty drying board for your paper beads, compartments for tools and supplies and the best part – a thread & ribbon spool that you can actually use to pull out the threads as you craft. So get ready to dive into this colourful Splendid Jewellery Studio and craft your own delightful accessories!

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